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It appears as if the accusations against Alabama senator candidate Roy Moore are crumbling. While the stories are yet unconfirmed, social media and news sites are lighting up over the possibility that a Washington Post reporter may have offered a woman thousands of dollars if she would make the claims against the former judge.

A former Secret Service member took to Twitter to say that a family friend was offered money by a reporter to accuse Roy Moore of sexual assault. If these allegations turn out to be true, the fallout could be tremendous.

The Twitter user goes on to say that the unnamed woman has a picture of the reporter named Beth and a tape of the phone conversation where the alleged bribe took place.

The woman, with the help of her friends, is supposedly working with the county district attorney although they do say the FBI has been notified. Unsurprisingly, nobody seems to trust the country’s top law enforcement agency these days.

What is known so far is that before the Washington Post “exposed” Moore’s alleged misconduct, they endorsed his opponent in the race. Additionally, the incidents that are said to have occurred happened decades ago.

The women who have accused Moore do not seem to have known each other very well before all of this surfaced. That makes the fact that they all appeared at the same time to suddenly make the allegations quite suspicious.

In many cases, one victim speaks up and that encourages others to step forward (Harvey Weinstein). All of these virtual strangers coming forward all at once weeks before a very important election…well, let’s just say it was questionable from the beginning.

Moore is not exactly an unknown who suddenly stepped into the spotlight and that is what triggered the allegations. He has been on the Supreme Court of Alabama for years so these accusers could have come stepped up years ago. Why didn’t they? Is the Washington Post paying for accusations? If they are, is someone else the driving force behind it? These are all questions that need to be answered sooner rather than later.