AG Sessions impotent to protect Trump in Deep State extortion plan to force CNN into Soros’ hands



WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sources close to the AT&T negotiations with the Department of Justice over the impending Time Warner $85 billion acquisition have told that Deep State forces with DOJ who are loyal to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have taken control of DOJ at the highest levels and are dug in, determined to protect Jeff Zucker, the current head of CNN, in order to make sure CNN continues as an anti-Trump network.

These sources are claiming that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has capitulated control over the DOJ negotiations with AT&T, with Sessions abandoning any effort to protect the interests of President Trump, in effect abdicating to the anti-Trump Deep State coalition to dictate terms requiring AT&T to spin-off CNN, or face a threatened DOJ law-suit threatening to block the acquisition on anti-trust concerns.

As reported yesterday, the goal of the anti-Trump holdovers in DOJ is to set the stage for George Soros to purchase CNN, to ensure that Jeff Zucker remains at the helm, directing CNN’s to continue broadcasting with the current “Never Trump” bias.

AT&T has made clear its intention to fire Zucker from the helm of CNN once the acquisition with Time Warner is complete.

Matt Drudge tweeted earlier today that CNN has determined to fire Zucker over rating concerns and because the feud with President Trump has become “too personal and ridiculous,” whether or not the AT&T deal goes through, even though CNN has made no such public announcement.

Deep State loyalists to the Democratic Party within the DOJ controlling the negotiations with AT&T have concluded that that the ultimatum forcing AT&T to spin off CNN as a condition of DOJ approval would be a superior solution than simply blocking the acquisition because the “extortion demand” and subsequent sale of CNN to Soros may be the only strategy to make sure Zucker remains in control of CNN and that CNN continues to broadcast a steady diet of anti-Trump news spin and commentary.

Last week, reported a Wall Street Journal report that the Department of Justice is preparing to file anti-trust litigation “in case” the DOJ decides to block the AT&T’s $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner was widely interpreted as a salvo across the bow from Deep State leftist left-overs in the Department of Justice that want to protect Jeff Zucker, the current head of CNN, when the acquisition is completed.

As the news broke in New York and Washington, AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson said in a statement that he has never offered to sell CNN, and he has no intention of doing so after the acquisition.

Today, AT&T dug in, making it clear to the Department of Justice that AT&T has no intention of spinning off CNN to comply with the DOJ Deep State demand, but that AT&T lawyers are prepared to fight in federal court any attempt DOJ makes to block the acquisition form going forward.

Insiders to the negotiations believe that Attorney General Sessions has lost control over the AT&T negotiations, just as his recusal from the “Russia Collusion” investigation caused Sessions to lose control over the appointment and activities of Special Counselor Mueller.

Completely disregarding Attorney General Sessions, the Deep State holdovers within DOJ  are now negotiationg on a purely political basis determined to damage President Trump’s future political chances after concluding that Attorney General Sessions is incapable of protecting President Trump and is powerless to block their hardball negotiations tactics.

If Soros were to acquire CNN, industry experts anticipate that Zucker and CNN would be certain to continue broadcasting the network’s non-stop criticism of the Trump presidency.

Throughout the 2016 election campaign and continuing into Donald Trump’s presidency, Zucker has been a champion of the “Never Trump” opposition movement, with CNN leading the charge to call for Trump’s impeachment.