The Uranium One scandal is proving to be the biggest and largest breach of trust that an administration has ever had the audacity to do while in office. The entire scandal revolves around Obama’s administration and their complicity in selling and exporting US owned uranium to Russia’s energy agency, Rosatom.

It has already been revealed that Obama knew about the deal and the illegal activities being performed in order to ensure the deal’s completion, extortion, bribery, threats, and possibly murder but did nothing to stop the deal. Now more evidence has come to light that shows that Obama knew about the illegal activities but also played favorites during the time of the deal to favor the Russian company as well as worked to manipulate the stock market value of Uranium.

Fox pundit Sean Hannity has been following this case very closely as it all ties into the corruption that the deep state is involved in. He has been tweeting out cryptic messages with the phrase “Tick, Tock” in them to spur interest in an apparent “bomb” of a story going off.

Hannity has really yet to disappoint as far as this story goes as his work to expose the crimes of the previous administration has been unrelenting.  Now this bombshell proves just how corrupt the previous administration was as it appears they were never on the side of the American voter and worked solely for themselves.

Obama certainly did as much damage as possible to this country before he to continue to fight against the United States. His complacency and outright disrespect for a candidate running for the presidency shows his lack of morals as he used US government assets to sabotage the Trump campaign at every chance.

It is a true wonder how this nation actually managed to survive such a selfish and entitled loser of a president as he systematically sold off our government to the highest bidders and let corruption run rampant throughout his entire time in office.

The Uranium One scandal is as serious as it gets as it shows the lack of power that our state has over rouge individuals and bureaucrats that did as they pleased during the years of Obama. It seemed like it was an impossible and unbelievable story that would actually suggest that a sitting president and his administration actively sought to circumnavigate US laws in order to sell off uranium to a hostile nation and yet that is the reality we are living in. Instead of marching in the streets, liberals have taken to effectively sticking their heads in the sand out of what appears to be spite.

The fact that Democrats, liberals, and progressives took to the streets to oppose our democratically elected president over literal claims that he was somehow involved with Russians and yet now they are silent shows that they are either ignorant to the truth or complicit in trying to hide it. That is what is truly worrying as it appears that so many in this nation are so far gone in their ideology of hate that they will never be able to see that all the Democrats do is project their crimes onto their opponents.

This is the one scandal that absolutely cannot get swept under the rug as it implicates the highest levels of government in possibly treasonous crimes. It has been revealed that Obama knew that an attempt was being made to drastically crash the price of uranium after the sale of US uranium hit the market, thus ensuring that it would be able to be purchased cheaply. This is treason that one never thought possible as the President is the one who is supposed to put a stop to this kind of activity, not sign off on it!

As the Democrats continues to crumble and isolate themselves in an echo chamber of failed talking points, it seems that their just desserts might be just around the corner.

Special Counsel Mueller has supposedly been working on Russian interference and it may turn out that he has been working to solve this Uranium One scandal, however if he truly is there just to try and entrap Trump then it is a direct threat to our Democracy and no American should stand for it.