Sources: AOL NewsABC News – The Conservative Daily Post


Every parent knows the feeling.

It may be troublesome when the child is making noise, throwing a ball in the house, or acting like a spoiled brat, but that is not what is the most worrisome. What is infinitely more troubling is when the child is too quiet, for that is when he or she is playing with the lighter, drawing on the wall with Magic Markers, or sipping the bathroom bleach.

ABC News is reporting that this is exactly how some experts feel as North Korea isn’t showing much activity or lobbing WMD into the skies. It has been 57 days since the last illegal test from the Hermit Kingdom, which is “the longest stretch of time since [President] Trump took office that the regime has not conducted a test,” AOL News also confirms.

Is this due to the fact that the DPRK has managed to destabilize a mountain testing site so much that 200 souls were buried alive within it? Is is because Donald Trump is in Asia and three of the largest aircraft carriers that the world has ever seen rests at the doorstep of N.K., as the Conservative Daily Post has revealed?

Is so, that makes sense, but no one knows. This stall could be because Kim Jong-un is preparing or plotting things far worse.

When Trump boldly proclaimed how Kim Jong-un has not created the dream nation that his founding grandfather attempted and that he is only making his nation weaker by pursuing nuclear weapons, the N.K. leadership called the U.S. leader a “lunatic old man.”

North Korea feels that “ballistic rockets are for deterring the U.S. nuclear war hysterics and ensuring peace and security on the Korean peninsula and the region. They are not for threatening Europe and the world.”

The trouble is, even though after what the U.S. did in Libya an Iraq appears to support this stance, the DPRK has never been in a worse situation due to how they have conducted the whole procedure.

If the wine gulping and cheese devouring leader is laying low due to issues within the program or because Trump is literally at his door with a loaded U.S arsenal, then perhaps all things are starting to fall into place for those who crave peace.

If, however, this is being done in order to further more testing, to attack the U.S., or to threaten any American allies, then it could soon be a very dark day in North Korea, and not just because they can’t keep the lights on.