Since the news of Harvey Weinstein broke, Hollywood has erupted in a wave of pandemonium and chaos. Celebrities are being outed as predators while others are claiming to be victims of the savage industry.

Actor Terry Crews has come out to say that he has been victimized by tv producers and movie makers. ‘Wonder Woman’ star Gal Gadot has made the claim that she will not participate in a sequel unless Time Warner can buy out producer Brett Ratner. The next person to be hit by these salacious accusations is ‘Star Trek’ actor, George Takei. Takei is being accused of groping a model in his Las Angeles condo in 1981. Scott R. Brunton was 23 at the time of the incident.

While working as a waiter, Brunton met Takei at Greg’s Blue Dot Bar. Just beginning his commercial acting career, the young man exchanged numbers with George Takei, who was 44 in 1981. The two kept a cordial relationship occasionally calling each other or meeting up at a bar.

After Brunton broke up with his then-boyfriend, George Takei offered a listening ear and a shoulder to console. The two went out on a date described as dinner and a movie, then back to Takei’s condo for drinks.

Scott recalls the event with some disturbing details. George had offered him a drink, followed by another. Scott says after the second drink he started feeling dizzy and asked to sit down. He makes mention of a yellow bean bag chair in George’s apartment, an oddly specific detail to include in a fabricated story.

The next thing Brunton remembers is that he passed out on the bean bag chair. When he came to, he claims Takei had his pants off and was trying to get into his underwear. Scott remembers Takei telling him that he needs to get comfortable.

Scott told Takei that was not what he wanted and that he needed to leave. It took some convincing for George to let him leave the condominium. Scott was able to leave in his car without further confrontation.

Multiple friends have come forward to say that they had been confided in many years ago about the incident. Takei, now 80, has been taking to Twitter and Facebook to refute such allegations.

Takei, in one tweet, remarks this is a he said / he said situation pertaining to events that took place 40 years ago. The former ‘Star Trek’ actor out right denies the claim saying it never happened and such acts are antithetical to his person.

Brunton adds that he met up with George some years later in Portland. His goal was to ask Takei why he had done it.  Once the two were catching up over coffee, Scott lost his nerve. The encounter was too uncomfortable.

Scott had been debating about taking the story public for some years now but felt no one would take him seriously. It was George Takei’s response to Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault allegations that pushed Brunton over the edge.

In late October, Spacey was accused of attacking a 14 year old in 1986. Kevin’s response was to inform the world that he was black-out drunk and is a gay man. Kevin Spacey in a single tweet came out as a drunk, homosexual and a homophobe.

George Takei used his moral superiority to denounce Kevin Spacey and say, “Men who improperly harass or assault do not do so because they are gay or straight — that is a deflection. They do so because they have the power, and they chose to abuse it.”

The hypocrisy Brunton observed led him to make the decision to call Takei out. Scott says he does not want anything from the actor/ activist. All he cares for is an apology.

George Takei, no stranger to sexual deviancy, has pulled some strange stunts in the past. On the Howard Stern show, George has twice groped and massaged Jason Ellis. Jason Ellis is a radio talk show host and mixed martial artist.

Takei has been with his partner now for over 30 years. His partner stands by him and supports him through these hard times. His partner also seemed fine with George unwrapping Jason Ellis on the Howard Stern Show as an 80th birthday present.