Amando Flavio


In 2015, Trey Relford was convicted of robbing and murdering 22-year-old Salahuddin Jitmoud in the U.S. city of Lexington, Kentucky. Earlier this week, he was brought to court for a sentencing hearing. But to everyone’s surprise, a most unusual thing happened.

Salahuddin’s father, Jitmoud, was allowed by the presiding judge to address the court before the verdict was delivered. Many people thought he was going to plead with the court to deal mercilessly with the convict. However, Jitmoud shocked the courtroom by saying that he forgave Relford for killing his son two years back.

Even as people in the courtroom struggled to make sense of what they heard, Jitmoud told Relford why he forgave the murderer of his son:

“I’m angry at the devil, who is misguiding you and misleading you to do such a horrible crime. I don’t blame you. I’m not angry at you. I forgive you.”

According to WLEX, Relford tearfully responded by saying:

“There’s not much I can really say. I’m sorry about what happened that day. I cannot do [anything] to give that back to you.”

Jitmoud then embraced Relford in the middle of the courtroom. As the two men held each other, the event became so emotional, the judge had to call for a recess. Later, Relford was sentenced to 31 years in prison.

After the hearing, Jitmoud reportedly told him to “do good deeds”, that he has “confidence that Allah is forgiving”, and that he will have the “opportunity to build a better future” once he gets out of prison. Watch the emotional video below: