The tragedy that took place on October 1st, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada was the worst mass shooting in United States history and one of the most controversial events that has ever taken place. The events that took place that night were mysterious, brutal, and highly coordinated as the lack of evidence from the Federal Bureau of Investigation has resulted in a laughably bad naarative that places the entire blame on one lone gunman.

Despite this being proven false numerous times, the FBI has still not updated their official statement nor have they done an ample job of gathering evidence. Now a new video has surfaced that shows a helicopter hovering in a key location and yet the FBI never even requested the footage for their investigation.

The timeline for the night has been questioned and skewed numerous times as the events the unfolded just do not make any sense when held up to question. The official narrative produced by our own government and then countlessly repeated by their propaganda arms in media suggest that a 58-year-old lone millionaire professional gambler suddenly snapped and slaughtered almost five dozen people with no motive or history of political violence.

Just that statement alone will make anyone question the fact that our intelligence agencies and government are hiding crucial information about that night.

The new footage shows dozens of people fleeing away from the scene of the masscare and through an empty parking lot, that is where the security footage films. During key moments of panic when the shooting was the worse around 10:06 that night, debris and wind can be seen on the footage in a manner than can only be from the blades of a helicopter.

The footage shows that this helicopter was hovering above a very key location during the shooting and yet the FBI did not need this footage. It seems as if a helicopter’s presence during a time when people supposedly had no idea what was going on would be a big deal as the authorities had not yet responded, according to the official narrative.

The narrative that surrounds this case is a peculiar one as well as it worked to divide the country over a political issue during a time of mourning and tragedy. The issue of gun control was quick to stop those from questioning the motive of the supposed killer and turn their attention towards damning an entire population of law abiding gun owning citizens.

The liberals and progressives did not even wait to hear the facts or question the story before they were calling for more gun control and making everyone condemn gun violence. This cycle is getting boring as the predicatblity of the narrative produced by liberal media outlets is one that protects the government from criticism as well as paints the average Trump voter as potentially evil.

It is truly and unfortunate thing as the intelligence agencies involved with the investigation cannot be trusted.  More information has been released over the internet about that night and none of it has been explained or targeted by authorities, they are just trying to wait out the public’s involvement until the next questionable tragedy takes place.

Instead of just addressing the people of the United States with respect and the truth, those who are complicit in this attack are working to ensure the average American has little knowledge about the event other than some crazy white dude with guns killed a bunch of people.

The newest footage only confirms what many people already know and that is our government is somewhat responsible for some portion of this attack. Although the footage is not groundbreaking, it confirms that the FBI had no interest in leads because they already knew what happened.

The fact that more information has not been made public is insulting to those who lost loved ones that night as well as disrespectful towards the citizens. The truth is out there about what happened that night and it will come to light.

The aftermath of the event can only be described as mournful as Americans looked on to wonder how could something like this happen and all we are left with is the liberal media telling middle America that this is somehow their fault.

It is just a matter of principle as there are those out there who know the truth about what happened and they are forced to keep quiet.  \Either the suspected killer, Stephen Paddock, is a ruthless and unhinged mass murderer or he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and was turned into a patsy by larger forces. Either way, the official narrative is questionable and the authorities are not sharing the truth.

Watch the footage below but be warned as graphic content is widespread throughout the video.