Left-wing paper suggests Matt Drudge a Russian agent

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The Washington Post wrote an article denouncing the Drudge Report for having linked to Infowars on a regular basis during the 2016 election cycle.

The article, titled ‘One Of The Busiest Websites In The U.S. in 2016 Regularly Linked To Russia Propaganda,’ begins by explaining just how powerful and highly-trafficked Drudge Report is.

“Being the second-most-visited site, incidentally, means that Drudge had more page views than Yahoo, Disney (including ABC and ESPN) and Time Warner. It had more than the New York Times and The Washington Post, combined — with enough space left over to also outpace Hearst,” wrote Philip Bump on Friday.

Bump then points out that the Drudge Report directly linked to Infowars throughout the 2016 election race.

“Translated into universally accessible terms, the Drudge Report was a traffic behemoth during the 2016 election. And every time the page was loaded last year (and today, should you visit), there were two direct links to the conspiracy-theory-hawking site Infowars,” he wrote.

“To be fair, those two links were included in the long list of links to news websites and pundits at the bottom of the Drudge homepage. But over the course of the campaign, Drudge was also not shy about linking directly to individual stories at Infowars, as well as RT and Sputnik News, both content-sharing arms of the Russian government.”

The article goes on to chart exactly when Drudge started linking to Infowars, RT and Sputnik, providing linked articles to each, as if trying to prove the media mogul somehow committed a crime in linking to something other than establishment media.

“There are probably two reasons that the Drudge Report linked to these sites with regularity. The first is that Drudge’s taste in news often tends toward the more exotic; he clearly understands the sorts of things that people like to read. The other is that Drudge himself seems to share some of the same sense of impending apocalypse and systemic collapse that undergirds a lot of the reports from these sites,” Bump wrote.

“On more than a third of the days between when Donald Trump announced his candidacy and when he won the presidency, the Drudge Report had a link from Infowars, RT or Sputnik on its homepage by 9 a.m.”

Oh the humanity!

Just before the WaPo article reaches dizzying heights of drive-by journalism, Bump does point out The Washington Post has enjoyed constant referral traffic by The Drudge Report for many years, and that Infowars by comparison isn’t on Drudge nearly as often.

The article concludes by singling out Infowars as rapidly rising in the web-traffic charts, as if to suggest the mainstream media’s information monopoly is in jeopardy if Infowars is not stopped.

As we recently reported, the House Intelligence Committee held a hearing with the top tech execs of Google, Facebook, and Twitter, asking how they will do a better job of censoring Infowars.

“This is a real-time example of when we talk about this information being weaponized, how quickly can you act and what’s your responsibility to set the record straight so that the people who saw this know that it’s fake news?” asked Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL, adding that Twitter needed to prevent Infowars “spreading like some sort of virus through the legitimate world.”

The mainstream corporate media is currently in its death-throes, further evidenced by the desperate attempt by WaPo to discredit Drudge, when all they’ve actually done is give Infowars more exposure and prove that Drudge doesn’t just parrot media talking points, instead getting his information from a wide array of sources.

Drudge has also responded to the WaPo article on Twitter, pointing out he gave the ungrateful liberal publication 37% of its referral traffic over the span of 25 years.