Steve Bannon has launched an attack on billionaire Paul Singer,for his unscrupulous acts. Bannon has waged war on the billionaire and his cohorts in the wake of the Judge Roy Moore controversy. Bannon believes that a small group of ultra-rich are attempting to subvert the will of the American people. The establishment republicans under fire from Bannon include Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), former governor Mitt Romney, and Senator Bob Corker (R-Tn.). Bannon claims the establishment, left and right, “want to destroy anyone that will speak on your (The American People) behalf”

Paul Singer funds the Washington Free Beacon and is responsible for funding the Fusion GPS research. Fusion GPS is the outfit which produced the infamous “Trump Dossier.” This dossier turned out to be a complete fabrication which slandered Trump. This included allegations that Trump was involved with the Russians. The dossier went further, making absurd and unfounded accusations, including a baseless fantasy which involved President Trump and Russian prostitutes.

Paul Singer initially paid the firm to conduct research on President Trump during the presidential primaries. Singer wanted to dig up dirt on President Trump as well as some of his opponents, of which there were many, during the primaries. This was all in an effort to keep President Trump from winning the Republican nomination. Once it became clear Trump would be the Republican nominee for president, the Washington Beacon told the firm to cease research in May of 2016.


This firm was swiftly picked up by the Democrats in April and employed to further its investigation into President Trump. Christopher Steel, former British Intelligence Officer, was employed by Fusion GPS in order to continue its investigation into the Trump campaign.

Steel is credited with inventing the stories in the dossier which were used to attack President Trump’s character. The “Steele Memos” included accusations of bribery through real estate deals and committing unsavory acts with ladies of the night.

This dossier was later discovered to be nothing more than a fantasy story, but it led to a congressional investigation of President Trump, and his alleged ties to Russia. A federal Judge ordered a subpoena for the financial records of Fusion GPS in order to find the source of the funding for the “Trump Dossier.” Fusion GPS has since tried to block the subpoena citing privacy issues.

Paul Singer is the number one donor to the Republican Party and has used his influence to make billions. One of his most recent ventures includes the fleecing of Argentina. Paul Singer’s hedge fund bought up Argentina’s debt. Paul Singer then funded Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). He used Rubio in order to petition the State Department to enforce the debt. He used this leverage to extort a tenfold profit to the tune of billions from Argentina.

He also used the Senator to make a quick nickel off of Puerto Rico. Rubio, who advocated for bankruptcy rights for Puerto Rico, shifted his position once Singer began to fund his campaign.

This meant the country could not default on the type of debts which serve to make Singer rich. Giving Puerto Rico these rights could have set a bad precedent and negatively impacted Paul “The Vulture” Singer’s hedge fund and personal portfolio.

Steve Bannon has tasked himself with wagging “war” on Paul Singer and those in the Republican Party who are effectively working for him. In 2012 Mitt Romney’s super Pac was given one million dollars by Singer and his wealthy cohorts. Paul singer also manages over $1 million of Romney’s money.

Beyond his personal contributions to the republican party, Paul Singer has used his influence and connections to the ultra-wealthy to bundle enormous sums of money to be dumped into supporting politicians who in return support his efforts to influence policy. In some cases, such as with Rubio, he has been able to change their political views on certain matters entirely.

Many Americans, including Steve Bannon, find this sort of influence to be unpalatable. Bannon warns the establishment Republicans who are working for characters such as Paul Singer “Bring it.” Bannon has set his sights on exposing these bad actors whom he believes are subverting the will of the citizens of the United States of America.