Debra Heine

Police have named the man accused of stabbing two people in the dressing room area of Macy’s at the Mall of America on Sunday.

Officials identified the 20-year-old suspect as Mahad Abdiaziz Abdirahaman of Minneapolis. Police are calling this incident a botched theft attempt.

According to Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts, Abdirahaman went into a dressing room in the men’s department and attempted to steal some property.

The victim was stabbed after finding the suspect pawing through his belongings in the dressing room. When family members rushed in to help, a second victim was slashed. Potts said family members were able to disarm the suspect, and judging by his mug shot, they managed to rough him up a bit too.

The melee and ensuing police response alarmed nearby shoppers, who were waiting in line with their kids to see Santa Claus.

Officers quickly arrived at the scene and took Abdirahaman into custody.

Via KARE 11:

Potts said two adult male victims were brought to the hospital. Alexander Sanchez, 19, suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries to his face and upper body, and remains at HCMC, according to police.

John Sanchez, 25, was treated for stab wounds to his upper body and has been released from HCMC, Bloomington police say.

Potts said the suspect had “minor, superficial wounds” and was transported to jail.

Abdirahaman is being held on two counts of probable cause first-degree assault.

The Mall of America issued the following statement Sunday night: “This evening during an interrupted theft inside Macy’s Mall of America, two people were stabbed and sustained non-life threatening injuries. One person is in custody and Bloomington Police is conducting the ongoing investigation. Our thoughts are with the families involved.”

Minnesota has the largest Somali population in the nation.