Sources: The Conservative Daily PostMSN

The mainstream media has ignored so much about President Donald Trump’s trip to the troubled Orient that we can tell that it must have gone splendidly. For instance, the MSM did not bother to report very much on the fact that Trump was greeted like a rockstar by the people of China when he touched down. They did not even talk about how a cheeseburger that the Commander in Chief enjoyed sold out the next day in Japan, either.

No, instead they were fibbing about how the U.S. leader fed fish, as the Conservative Daily Post has shown. Still, as MSN reports, Trump tweeted that he plans on delivering a “major statement” following the 12-day trip that he took to Asia.

We know that when the major media is not covering what Trump is doing, it means that he is doing it well. The leftist, biased media in the U.S. won’t report on much else. They have been hushed regarding his success on this topic for a reason…they hate Mr. Trump!

I will be making a major statement from the White House upon my return to D.C. Time and date to be set,” the White House tweeted Wednesday (NOTE: Asian time zone).

The president has “visited key allies in the region” during a time of great unrest and uncertainty from North Korea.

He has also made an appearance at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit in the Philipines. There, “he focused on trade and the rogue communist regime,” something that must end if any other option except for war is to stop N.K.

After he met with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Japanese leader Shinzo Abe on Monday, Trump talked successfully about the progress that had been made.

We’ve made some very big steps in respect to trade,” the bold U.S. leader said.

If war can be stopped via economic pressure and trade, what better person to know how to nuance that than a billionaire like Mr. Trump? Those who said that he had no qualifications as he ran for office may just see WW3 stopped due to his business prowess.

If they do, that will easily be his best deal yet.