Blatant censorship of conservatives by Twitter continues

Roger Stone’s flagship website Stone Cold Truth has been suspended on Twitter for covering breaking news and information related to Roger Stone’s activities and other inside baseball.

Last month, Twitter suspended Roger Stone after he ranted at CNN pundits for shoddy reporting.

Twitter’s effort to censor both Roger Stone and his website signals that the social media platform is targeting the conservative message rather than the person, as Stone Cold Truth has not apparently violated Twitter’s terms of use.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has even stripped “verification” checkmarks from prominent conservative and right-wing figures including Tommy Robinson, Baked Alaska, Richard Spencer, Laura Loomer and Jason Kessler.

And earlier this month, Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) grilled a Twitter executive in a House Intelligence Committee hearing asking him how Twitter plans on censoring Infowars in the future.