(Neon Nettle) Hip Hop star Jay-Z has blasted traditional Christian values in an epic rant where he claims to be part of an exclusive club of “smart people” who worships “our true lord; Satan.”

Jay-Z photo

Photo by richt/tlobf (CC)

The billionaire rapper has also claimed that “God created Lucifer to be the bearer of truth and light,” and that “Jesus never existed” but was merely a “tool created by smart people to control dumb people.”

During a backstage tirade at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on Friday, Jay-Z pointed around the room saying, “ya’ll being played.”

“There ain’t no Jesus.”

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“Ya’ll slaves to a fake religion.”

“Do you think I got where I am praying to a guy that don’t exist? No. I found the guys who invented that guy and I joined the club.”

“Then I worked my way to the top.”

“I earned my new form of humanity and maturity when I fully embraced my older brother, Satan.”

The music star claims that Satanism became the “highest form of being” due to the ease of manipulating “mentally-challenged Christians” who “desire to be slaves.”

He stated that “there’s real spirituality and guidance in the Church of Satan,” that rewards its followers with “wealth and success,” but “Christians have prayed to God for years and ain’t gotten nothing back, just silence and emptiness.” This, apparently, is what caused Satan to have “gotten a bad rap” from Christians who worship a “fake religion, built by a#^*oles…”