Alleged abuser is ranking member of investigative committee


Reporter Mike Cernovich has promised to reveal new sexual harassment claims against a top Democrat who is a ranking member of an investigative committee later today.

On the same day that NYT reporter Glenn Thrush was exposed as having groped and kissed a number of female journalists, a potentially bigger bombshell is imminent.

Senator Al Franken was also hit by revelations from a second accuser, Lindsay Menz, who said Franken groped her backside in front of her husband during a photo at the Minnesota State Fair in 2010.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is reportedly facing sexual assault accusations from four new women in the early 2000s, when Clinton was working with playboy billionaire investor Ron Burkle.

Cernovich has vowed to add another prominent name to the rapidly expanding list of politicians, journalists and entertainers who have been accused of abusing women in recent weeks.

“Ranking Democrat on major committee accused of several harassment by multiple women. Huge scandal. Developing…,” he tweeted yesterday.

With Franken refusing to resign despite the building allegations against him, whoever is named later expect the mainstream media to start running defense immediately exactly as they did after revelations about the Minnesota Senator first broke last week.