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Justin Trudeau Calls ISIS “Returning Islamic Travelers”

Justin Trudeau has demanded that ISIS fighters returning to Canada should be referred to as “returning Islamic travelers.” 

The politically correct Canadian Prime Minister says the terminology will help ISIS fighters “reintegrate with the rest of society.”

Spencerfernando.com reports: Here’s what Trudeau government spokesman said Dan Brien (obviously using PMO approved talking points), when asked about Canada’s policies on ISIS fighters coming back to the country:

“Returning foreign terrorist travellers and their families, specifically women and children, require the appropriate disengagement and reintegration support.”

While the “reintegration support,” is the most disturbing part, the fact that the government is trying to “rebrand” dangerous Jihadis as “returning foreign terrorist travellers” is absurd.

This is disgracefully manipulative wording by the Trudeau government. These people weren’t sightseeing in a place terrorism happened to occur. They were actively fighting on behalf of a brutal terrorist organization.

It unfortunately fits with a troubling pattern of the Trudeau government prioritizing political correctness above all else, and seeking to downplay what is a real threat to the Canadian people. After all, other countries are trying to eliminate Jihadis before they can return, while the Trudeau government seems most worried about sounding “nice.”

This is a pathetic and dangerous level of political correctness, and it reveals that the government simply isn’t taking the security of Canadians seriously.

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    Please redirect all ‘returning islamic travellers’ to Canada.

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