Veronica Neffinger | Editor,

Christian athlete Tim Tebow recently shared how he felt God calling him to minister to those in need while he was traveling.

Speaking at Liquid Church in Parsippany, New Jersey, the St. Lucie Mets outfielder and SEC college football analyst shared how he felt God calling him to minister to some of his fellow travelers during a recent stop at the airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tebow told the crowd of about 1,000 that while he was in the airport, he felt God calling him to reach out to a man who was walking with a limp. Tebow, however, had strep throat and wasn’t feeling very well at the time, so he pushed the ministry opportunity aside.

Later, however, he began to feel convicted that he had used his physical health as an excuse not to listen to God’s call, so he prayed that God would give him another opportunity to share Christ’s love with someone.

Tebow continued his story, noting that God gave him that opportunity when he saw a man with prosthetic legs who was a military veteran. Tebow approached the man, thanked him for his service, and the two of them had a conversation. Since they were on the same flight, Tebow offered the man his first class seat.

Although he admitted that he would have enjoyed the solitude and rest he would have been able to have in first class, Tebow shared that God had other passengers for him to minister to that day, such as a woman who unburdened her heart to him about relationship issues she was having.

After Tebow shared this message of encouragement to listen to the Holy Spirit’s promptings to minister to others, Liquid Church tweeted, “Thanks @TimTebow for your inspiring message at our brand-new Broadcast campus.”

Liquid Church also partners with the Tim Tebow Foundation to host Night to Shine, a day for special needs teens to enjoy a fun-filled prom night, which takes place every February.