David Steinberg


If you abandon truth, objectivity, and merit, the only path remaining for you to achieve success is the acquisition of leverage.

Hillary Clinton, likely around the time she posed for the above picture, committed to a life of acquiring leverage as a means to accomplish whatever goals she’d identified as personal success. The question of whether she ever wanted anything beyond power itself remains open, of course. A more generous reading of her life might identify Hillary’s time as a supposedly passionate young radical — in thrall with Saul Alinsky — as evidence that she did indeed once have ideological/ethical goals, despite Alinsky’s immorality.

Who knows — perhaps a life alongside a psychopath husband dulled her soul.

But whatever happened, every adult who is not Peter Daou now understands that Hillary Clinton’s time has come. She will not survive Bill Clinton’s current media and legal reckoning.

Further, every adult – and I suspect Peter Daou can be included in this group – understands why Hillary Clinton now finds herself in this position: She’s clearly an idiot.

Let’s look back at each major decision she made in her life following whatever cosmic demon initiated the meeting of Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton at Yale Law School. It immediately becomes apparent that she is no feminist by whatever broad definition we apply. She never gave a damn about the fate of other women — no more than her husband ever did. She only made choices based on the pursuit of power.

That alone doesn’t make her an idiot, though.

Her self-guidance for making decisions does. You see, Hillary clearly weighed her life choices according to two general, strategic north stars:

  1. Always stay hitched to Bill Clinton; and
  2. Always present herself to the public as a feminist.

That’s how she chose her path. And those are the thoughts of an idiot.

Had Hillary ever made the moral decision to drop Bill at any point, who knows where she would be now? She had the drive to never give up; Trump did complement her on that quality at the close of one 2016 debate. She might have found a different husband who made her popular feminism seem credible. She could have remained single, and won praise from her Leftist base for making it on her own.

Making a different decision at any number of fate’s dice throws might have led her to something approaching an authentic life: to really be who she portrayed herself as. She could have avoided each of her husband’s scandals, each of his alleged scores of abuses.

She didn’t, though. Instead, she made the exact wrong decision … hundreds of times.

And all because of her idiot two-pronged strategy: Ride a criminally misogynist loon, and feminism, to the top.

She will not survive this second avalanche of sexual assault charges against her husband, because she chose to both be complicit in his crimes and to damn her public ideals every step of the way. Now, in a finale every idiot saw coming, Hillary Clinton’s lifetime of chasing power without moral guidance has left her with no leverage left.

Today, Hillary is facing the wrath of Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey. Each has stories to tell of Hillary choosing to destroy a female victim rather than their attacker, and on those accounts, Hillary has no leverage left to defend herself. Why? Because she dug her own grave by positioning herself as a feminist leader.

She has no power or leverage today. Still, maybe she makes it to sleep tonight without suffering a final public reckoning.

But … what about tomorrow?

She still has no leverage, and can never regain it.

Tomorrow, maybe that 22-year-old woman who reportedly told Yale campus police back in 1972 that Bill had sexually assaulted her – while Bill and Hillary were dating – decides to finally let the media use her name and her story. Tomorrow, maybe she asks Hillary why she chose to stay with Bill when that occurred.

Hillary has no choices left if that happens.

Tomorrow, maybe Eileen Wellstone — who reportedly told police that Bill raped her in 1969 while he was at Oxford as a Rhodes scholar — finally speaks to the media. Her case reportedly reached the State Department. Tomorrow, maybe, Ronan Farrow calls up Robert Reich, or Strobe Talbott, or Clinton’s other notable Oxford classmates, and asks them what happened. Asks them why they never spoke up; why Bill left Oxford without his degree.

Maybe he asks Hillary how she could possibly plead ignorance about Bill’s time at Oxford. She couldn’t deny that credibly — she started dating him after Oxford.

She’d have no choices left if that happens tomorrow.

Tomorrow, maybe the several women who reportedly accused Bill of sexual assault around 1974 when he was a law professor at the University of Arkansas finally get the courage to come forward. Maybe they ask Hillary: how could a woman possibly not know that her significant other was dealing with multiple sexual assault accusations?

Tomorrow, maybe someone asks Hillary, feminist champion, why she stayed with Bill after hearing about the supposedly consensual affairs: like Dolly Kyle Browning, Gennifer Flowers, and Marilyn Jo Jenkins.

Maybe Broaddrick, Jones, and Willey again bring up their shocking claims of threats and intimidation. But this time, maybe Julia Hiatt-Steele — Kathleen Willey’s former friend — will finally come clean.

Hiatt-Steele had offered three different stories to investigators. She suddenly found herself invited to parties with folks such as James Carville when her third story matched with Bill’s legal defense. Maybe she finally comes forward with the truth about the long-rumored bribery/intimidation campaign that saw a penniless woman shockingly decide to change her story and face a likely perjury charge.

Hillary, to this day, makes the idiot choice of saying those women aren’t to be believed. So she’d be out of choices.

Or, tomorrow, maybe a swarm of investigators heads to Arkansas. Because some well-funded mainstream outlet finally realizes the magnitude of what Clinton’s 1992 deputy campaign chair Betsey Wright revealed when she claimed to be handling the “bimbo eruptions.”

Surely you remember it; do you remember the number of “eruptions” she mentioned, though?

Back then, several sources confirmed that Hillary Clinton helped coordinate the intimidation of women who potentially had tales to tell similar to Gennifer Flowers — or even to Broaddrick.

According to Betsey Wright herself, about TWO DOZEN women were “encouraged” to sign affidavits swearing that Bill Clinton had not done anything wrong with them.

Tomorrow, maybe someone asks Hillary about it. Tomorrow maybe some of those two dozen women finally come forward.

Or maybe the day after tomorrow.

But whenever it finally happens, it’s all over for Hillary. Everyone can now see that Hillary’s idiot decisions have taken her fate entirely out of her hands.