Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey gave a few lucky families in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, a Thanksgiving gift for their dinner this year.

As an ambassador of Wild Turkey, the Dallas Buyers Club handed out 4,500 turkeys to strangers on November 4, his 48th birthday. More than 500 turkeys were delivered to a local food bank and over 50,000 thanksgiving meals were donated through Share Our Strength to families in need.

The heartwarming charity initiative was recorded in a Facebook live video, in which McConaughey said:

“Thanksgiving, gratitude, we believe in our family that the more you’re thankful for, the more that you show gratification, the more that you’re gonna create in your life to be thankful for. Let’s go make some people happy, put some smiles on some faces, deliver some turkeys. There’s some people that are gonna be happy to get ’em.”

Later, he shared a video of himself delivering free turkeys and the reactions are lovely.

“I am so excited,” said one of the residents. “You are just awesome. Look at me I am shaking, I don’t shake.”