While the liberal mainstream media has been focused on Roy Moore, a new scandal has hit a prominent member of the Democratic Party. This time, the main figure was a Democratic congressman who is reportedly under investigation by the FBI for paying his competitor to drop out of a 2012 race against him. In addition, this man is under investigation for allegedly lying to federal investigators, which could definitely get him in a lot of trouble.

According to court documents unsealed on Monday, the man in question is Rep. Bob Brady (D-PA), who is currently being investigated by the Bureau for multiple crimes. As reported by The Daily Beast, these court documents were unsealed in Pennsylvania federal court.

Apparently, the Bureau was granted access to his email account and reportedly got one CD with substantial data from the account. So far, it remains unknown which information contained this CD. However, legal analysts assured it must be quite compromising so that the FBI is willing to conduct this delicate operation.

According to several reports, Brady’s 2012 Democratic primary opponent Jimmie Moore ended his campaign early in 2012 after he received almost $100,000 from Brady´s campaign. It was also revealed that the money was funneled through Moore’s aides back to Moore´s campaign.

Naturally, it was a really shady operation, whose main goal was to assure Brady’s victory. After all, this triumph would allow him to reach a higher position in the Democratic Party, considering the power he would gain.

As reported by the Daily Beast, the affidavit from the Bureau lists Moore and Brady, along with three others, as likely having been involved in the commission of several crimes. These include false statements, conspiracy, false campaign contribution reports, producing false records, and violating limits on campaign contributions and expenditures.

The entire operation was filled with a lot of awful elements that were almost impossible not to see. Of course, experts assure it remains unknown how deep the Democratic Party was involved in this action, considering that the campaigns of Brady and Moore were orchestrated by them.

Apparently, some key takeaways from the Daily Beast report show some concerning elements that could be quite harming for both Democrats. In fact, some of these could be damaging enough to receive severe consequences.

One of the main takeaways hints that Brady decided to lie to federal investigators and that he even tried to interfere with the investigation by coaching a witness. If this ends up being proved, this Democrat could be getting into a lot of heat considering the implications of this particular action.

Another interesting element provided by the Daily Beast article was that one of Moore’s former aides already pleaded guilty to her role in the payoff scheme back in July. Naturally, this only complicates things even more for both Democrats.

Also, it was revealed that two of Brady´s aides were indicted last month for their roles in the scheme. It would be miraculous if these politicians were able to escape from a situation that promises to represent the end of their careers.

Brady’s aides were Donald Jones and Kenneth Smukler, who both devised a plan to make the illicit campaign donation to Moore that was designated to pay down campaign debt. As reported by several media outlets, Brady has not faced any charges yet.

FBI special agent Jonathan Szeliga wrote in the search warrant application he has “probable cause” to believe that Brady, Jones, Moore, Smukler and others have committed violations.

As noted by the special agent, the investigation has uncovered substantial pieces of evidence. These indicated how the politicians utilized Smukler’s and D.A. Jones’ corporations to conceal payments from Brady’s campaign to repay Moore’s campaign debts.

The evidence clearly shows how these liberals concealed payment, and were designed to remove Brady’s primary opponent from the race. In addition, the operation was made to willfully undermine several provisions of the Federal Election Campaign Act in the process.

Szeliga claimed that these goals were successfully accomplished by routing the payments totaling $90,000 from Brady’s campaign, through political consulting companies, to the campaign manager of his rival’s campaign.