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New poll shows how many Minnesotans want Al Franken to resign

A new poll shows that the sexual harassment allegations against Senator Al Franken is taking a deep toll on his approval rating.

What does the poll say?

The poll conducted by local news outlet KSTP and SurveyUSA shows that Franken’s approval rating has collapsed by 17 percentage points in one year – from 53 percent approval to 36 percent approval.

How many Minnesotans want him to resign?

Only a paltry 22 percent say he should stay in office, while one third of Minnesotans polled believe he should resign. Another 26 percent want to wait and see what the Senate Ethics Committee concludes in their investigation of the matter.

Franken was accused by a female news anchor of kissing and groping her without her consent in an incident while both appeared on a USO tour in 2006. A second accuser said he groped her while they took a photo at a state fair in 2010.

If Franken does stay in office, only 32 percent of Minnesotans polled say that he’ll be an “effective” senator. Another 37 percent say he’ll be ineffective, and 32 percent are not sure.

How reliable is this poll?

The poll had an error margin of +/- 4.1 percent, and was taken from 600 Minnesotans through a partnership between KSTP and SurveyUSA.

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