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Run Kodi On Apple TV? Here’s How You Can Be Hacked

Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application, which can easily be adapted and changed with third-party add-ons providing access to thousands of streams with football, movies, TV and music without paying a subscription.

Thousands of Apple TV owners use Kodi boxes to stream pirated and illegal content, but they don’t know they are begging to get hacked.

Am I in Trouble?

Apple TVs require a jailbreak to run Kodi. The problem is, according to Tom’s Guide, the jailbreak software for Apple TV 2 comes installed with the OpenSSH protocol, and a default password: “alpine”.

“If you’ve never taken the time to change your Apple TV 2’s password (and a lot of users don’t even know that this is an option), it’s vulnerable to all sorts of hacks — and so is whatever network you’ve connected it to.”

What Can I Do

A screenshot of the Nito Installer setup.

TV Addons  a website for DIY streaming users with a focus on Kodi, Android TV and other open platforms suggests a simple way to get around the problem: the nitoInstaller app, which jailbroke your Apple TV 2 can also change its password.

In order to change the default password, open the program and connect to your Apple TV (Bear in mind: your computer as well as your Apple TV should be on the same network).  Then select Advanced from Nito’s toolbar, click Change SSH Password, enter a new password, and you are done.

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