It seems like since the day Secretary of State Rex Tillerson took office, people have speculated that he would resign or that Trump would replace him. Now it seems that those rumors have some credence.

It seems that every day there are rumors that Trump and Tillerson butt heads. In October, Tillerson reportedly called Trump a moron. Tillerson was also rumored to have considered a resignation this summer over embattled disagreements with the president.

Tillerson has repeatedly denied claims that he and Trump don’t see eye to eye. Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) had a very visible showdown with Trump, and during that time, made the statement that Trump was “publicly castrating” Tillerson by continuing to undermine the Secretary of State’s every move.

Tillerson replied that he wasn’t castrated by jokingly saying, “I checked. I’m fully intact.” Tillerson’s confirmation as Secretary of State came in February shortly after Trump’s inauguration. The former Exxon Chairman and CEO seems pretty tough-as-nails. He’s a Texan and he worked his way up at Exxon, starting as a civil engineer and eventually spearheading the company.

Apparently, Chief of Staff General John Kelly has developed a plan that would see Tillerson exit, and be replaced by current CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who would then be replaced by Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas). Cotton is well known as a very staunch supporter and ally of Trump.

The New York Times reports that the plan is still in work and has not yet gotten the Trump stamp of approval. It will likely happen in December or January. If he does leave, he will be the shortest-serving Secretary in 100 years.

In October, rumors surfaced that Nikki Haley might be replacing Tillerson. Haley, who currently serves as the US Ambassador to the United Nations, quickly dispelled the rumor by saying she would never accept the SOS job if offered to her.

Trump and Tillerson have most recently not been on the same page regarding North Korea. TIllerson has been advocating for a calm approach and more sanctions while Trump seems to advocate for a stronger option: “I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man. Save your energy Rex, we’ll do what has to be done!” (We should add that this was Tweeted, although you probably already guessed that.)

Kelly apparently has a plan to replace Tillerson.

Trump and Tillerson have disagreed on other highly visible matters of foreign policy, like Qatar, NATO and the Iran nuclear deal. Disagreement isn’t necessarily a bad thing, yet it seems that Trump wants him replaced.

Since he started the SOS job, Tillerson has been brutally criticized by the MSM for his mismanagement of the State Department (oh yeah, Hillary did a MUCH better job). Most recently, Tillerson said that the State Department was bloated with employees who had no real function, and proposed to cut one-third of the employees.

Tillerson also says the cuts can be made because many of the global conflicts that have required so many personnel will soon be solved. Unfortunately, Tillerson had bad timing. When he made this statement, North Korea then launched their most recent ballistic missile test that purportedly means they have the capability to now reach most mainland U.S. destinations.

People within the deep state say that Tillerson is fixated on restructuring the State Department when they feel he should be focusing on global crises. The deep state is whining that he is preventing them from doing their important diplomatic work. Of course, they published it in Politico and of course it had a doomsday title: Rex Tillerson is Fiddling with PowerPoint while the World Burns.

The same day the Politico article came out, Maliz Beams, who was orchestrating Tillerson’s restructuring, resigned abruptly, adding fuel to the proverbial fire. Other deep state entrenched diplomats criticize Tillerson for being dismissive toward their expertise and diplomacy in general.

The deep state is painting Tillerson to be some Trump-esque cowboy from the Wild Wild West. Others say that his stance toward Israel and other issues aligns him with globalists. Exxon is one of the most successful companies in the world. Do you really think Tillerson could have run Exxon so well if he’s guilty of poor management skills, as the MSM is painting him out to be?