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The Clinton family — Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea — have spent the past year lobbing numerous nasty accusations against President Donald Trump.

But there’s one bombshell accusation they’re not going to see coming.

One that could lead to former President Bill Clinton being hauled away in handcuffs.

Former secret service agent Dan Bongino revealed in a series of angry tweets that he has insider information on Bill’s trips aboard the so-called “Lolita Express” — and he’s about to drop them.

The rumors surrounding the frequent private jet trips by liberal billionaire Jeffery Epstein, a convicted pedophile, are scandalous. As The Horn News reported previously, the “Lolita Express” was the infamous location where Epstein and friends allegedly took advantage of underage girls.

On 22 occasions between 2001 and 2003, often leaving behind his Secret Service detail, Bill Clinton received a private flight on the infamous plane.

Now, one of the Clinton’s former secret service agents says he has insider information on what happened on those flights.

If the information he has contains proof of the rumor that the former president raped underage girls on the plane, it could mean serious jail time.

Bongino reasserted a reporters claim that Hillary was one of the most “manipulative political person in a position of power [he’d] ever met in my entire life” and was challenged by former Hillary Clinton aide Nick Merill.

Accused of being a fraud, Bongino’s response contained proof that immediately silenced his critics.

Provoked by the Clinton insider, Bongino went on the offensive with a series of jaw dropping claims.

“Don’t poke the bear,” Bongino warned. “You may not like the results.”

The real stunning tweet, though, was the hint that Bongino knew about proof that has long been sought by Clinton critics.

Bill was using the “Lolita Express” to assault young women, Bongino implied — and there are records.

If he has proof, it’s time for Bongino to come forward.

And time for at least one Clinton to end up behind bars where they belong.