The Bellagio Hotel and Casino was the target of an armed robbery on the 28th of November. Around 3:30 in the afternoon, the suspect casually strolled into the casino wearing a sweet wig, thick glasses, a black beanie and some sort of partial face covering. He approached the poker cage, where they sell chips for gambling, and using a black pistol, compelled the clerk to hand over a large sum of cash.

The suspect promptly exited the casino as quickly as he entered, but with a bag full of cash. He jumped into a Chevrolet Cruze, and was gone before authorities could even be alerted. The robbery went so smoothly many patrons of the casino did not realize the heist was taking place.

James Woods who was sitting thirty feet away tweeted, “Nobody even realized it was happening. Excellent staff, cool under pressure.” The Bellagio was not amused and they are working with authorities to apprehend the individual responsible for relieving them of an undisclosed sum of cash that afternoon.

Authorities have released a video of the incident which largely shows how flawless the operation was executed. The heist went off without a hitch and one customer, next to the gunman, was even casual about sliding his chips and rack to the side when the suspect was making demands.

The car’s owner was reportedly there against his will, and the silver Chevrolet Cruze would later be found by authorities. The owner of the Chevy was carjacked, tied up, and placed in the trunk of his own car. The owner would eventually use the release inside the trunk to make an escape. The victim fled while his carjacker was inside the casino. The carjacking victim is now cooperating with authorities in an effort to apprehend the suspect.

Police say they are “confident and comfortable” they will be able to capture the criminal responsible. However, the suspect is still at large, and is believed to be armed with a pistol and a fat white sack, full of cash.

This is the second time this years the Bellagio has been targeted for a heist. Earlier this year four men robbed a high-end jewelry store inside the casino. Three men entered the casino with guns and a sledgehammer. They stopped at the closed jeweler inside the Bellagio, and proceeded to smash cases, grabbing valuable watches and other precious metal accessories.

The lookout, a portly fellow by the name of Sebastian Gonzalez, donned a pig mask. Gonzalez told authorities that he was forced against his will to engage in the robbery. The three other suspects reportedly threatened his family in Mexico if he refused to participate. The lookout said they made him wear a pig mask because of his generous proportion.

His heft is what ultimately led to him being caught. While their getaway car had its keys removed by a good Samaritan, the three other suspects were able to flee successfully on foot. Sebastian “The Fat man” Gonzalez, was found hiding in the parking garage, winded, and unable to continue fleeing. Authorities say he first claimed not to know English, miraculously though, by the end of the interview he was perfectly competent in the language.

The police obviously didn’t buy his story of forced coercion because Gonzalez faced charges of robbery, burglary with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery. Gonzalez also told authorities the suspects who got away were taking a bus to California, and then planned to jump the border to Mexico to sell the stolen goods.

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino takes security very seriously, first for the safety of its guests, and second, for fiscal concerns. The casino has 2000 surveillance cameras operating 24/7. The casino has a gross of gaming tables and over 100,000 square feet to monitor. The cameras are operated by a skilled team of personnel sitting in a security room with over 50 monitors.

These measures ensure the safety of Bellagio guests as well as its employees. The casino is constantly working with local law enforcement in an effort to root out criminals, cheats and thieves. This time however, their security was thwarted by a man in a wig, with a pistol, and a stolen Chevrolet.