The year of 2017 has been bogged down with nothing but false accusations, obstruction, and what many would consider down right treason as the deep state has worked relentlessly to hinder and stop Trump.  One of the biggest means of using the power of the United States government against the President is the so-called need for a special prosecutor.

In charge of the investigation is the Democrat henchmen Robert Mueller and so far nothing of real value has come to light except for the $5 million that the investigation is already costing the US tax payer.

It has only just recently come to light about the expenditures used so far in Mueller’s apparently unending investigation in to basically anything he wants.  The Democrats lost in a wild fashion and the Republican establishment could have arguably lost worse and so their plan was set in action to end the charade that cost the deep state their presidency.  By attacking the legitimacy of the election, the Democrats made history by refusing the results of the election and demanding anything be found to remove Trump.

This is a very real and dangerous threat as those who are pulling the strings now have a rogue government employee with an unending back account and an unlimited amount of time to find whatever can be used to impeach Trump.  That is the game that is being played at the moment and every day the investigation continues, more and more people lose faith in the justice system.

The entire narrative coming from the left is nothing but a projection of their own crimes as their underhanded dealings with Russia resulted in massive amounts of uranium being deported from the US to around the world.

They are using their puppets in the media to continue this false accusation of Russian collusion even to this day as the Democrats simply can not accept that the American people rejected them.

This infuriates the Democrats and RINOs in power as they were able to do as they pleased before with little to no obstruction as their parties were working together behind closed to door to bring about Marxist polices. There was a charade put on for the people to believe that the Clintons and Bushes were on the other side of the spectrum when in reality they were both working towards the same goals.

Now that an outsider has entered the scene with a plan, that is currently working to fix the nation, they are doing whatever it takes to conceal their crimes as well as destroying Donald Trump.

It is truly the lack of oversight that is taking place that concerns most Americans about this witch hunt of an investigation. No evidence and almost a year later has resulted in many growing skeptical that justice will ever be dispersed to those who deserve it, while those against the establishment machine are subject to excruciating standards. When will it end and when will the apologies be issued?

Donald Trump has in all honestly been nothing but a good sport about this entire situation as his compliance with the Department of Justice and other intelligence officials has been unwavering.  The very fact that this charade continues is further reminder that those who once held all the power are not going to give up, ever.

As justice seems to be delivered to whoever the establishment chooses and not what the law says, many are worried that false or bogus charges can now be used to justify whatever punishment seems fit to those who go against the deep state.

In the simplest terms, Mueller needs to resign and apologize to the President of the United States for continuing his political witch hunt and sowing doubt and divisiveness throughout the nation.  This does not seem likely as his unending position of special counsel with what appears to be a limitless expense account would lead anyone to continuing this investigation for as long as possible.  Unless there is something else at play that only the special counsel and the President know, it seems that Mueller is set on getting literally anything he can to hinder and hurt Trump.