(News Busters) During the past week, most people who follow center-right news outlets and blogs became familiar with the name of Charles McCullough III.


McCullough, the former Intel Community General Inspector who identified 22 “beyond classified” emails present on Hillary Clinton’s home-brew server years after she had left her position as Obama administration Secretary of State, has appeared on several Fox shows revealing that he was harassed and threatened for reporting that finding to his superiors, and that he was promised that he would be fired once Mrs. Clinton won the 2016 general election (oops).

Very few establishment press outlets have done anything with the story in the past six days, and the rare exceptions have used McCullough’s revelations as a platform to take shots at President Donald Trump.

McCullough, an Obama appointee, was discussed or appeared three different times this week on Tucker Carlson’s show.

On Monday, … McCullough “absolutely” believes that the Clinton campaign and President Obama himself, who speciously claimed that “There’s ‘classified’ and then there’s ‘classified,’” deliberately misled the public about these emails.

He was promised he would be fired after Election Day for doing his job. McCullough observed that if had done what Mrs. Clinton did, “I’d be in Leavenworth.”

On Tuesday, in an interview with Carlson which focused, in Carlson’s words, “on who threatened him and why,” McCullough said that seven Democrats, including California Senator Dianne Feinstein, sent him a letter in March 2016 that accused his General Inspector group of politicizing the situation….

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