Nicholas Fondacaro


Over the weekend, it was discovered that Special Counsel Robert Mueller kicked a veteran FBI agent, named Peter Strzok, off his team for sending text messages that were disparaging of President Trump. But on Monday, new information broke about just who the agent actually was. Apparently, he was responsible for turning down former FBI Director Comey’s language when he was announced he would not recommend charges be brought against Hillary Clinton in her e-mail investigation. That interesting tidbit was blacked out of the reports in the evening broadcasts of CBS and NBC.

During their morning broadcasts, both CBS This Morning and NBC’s Today mentioned Strzok’s removal from the investigation team. But come Monday evening, NBC Nightly News failed to mention the new development when reporting on the agent’s removal, while CBS Evening News didn’t mention the Special Counsel at all.

ABC’s World News Tonight was the only one in the Big Three to report the new details of Strzok’s past. “ABC News has also now confirmed from a Source that Strzok played a key role in how then FBI Director James Comey announced the results of the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation,” reported Anchor David Muir after recalling what broke over the weekend.

Surprisingly, Muir actually went on to explain what Strzok did to lessen the political/legal blow to Clinton: “Recommending that Comey describe Clinton’s actions as, quote, “extremely careless,” rather than, quote, ‘grossly negligent.’ Now, the significance is that it’s a felony to mishandle classified information, quote, ‘in a grossly negligent way.’