As the Mueller investigation reveals two members from its ranks have a history of displaying open and blatant bias against Donald Trump and in favor of Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, it appears that the problem doesn’t end there. Yet another one of Mueller’s deputies in the investigation has a history with the Clinton family and is connected to the Obama unmasking scandal.

Jeannie Rhee, who Mueller hired during the summer in order to help with the investigation, is a lawyer.  She also happens to be the personal attorney of Obama national security advisor Ben Rhodes, as well as having represented the massively corrupt Clinton Foundation.

In the last week, the team has begun to unravel as their histories were looked into (the kind of thing that Mueller should probably have done before hiring them, unless his aim was to produce an openly biased outcome and hope his investigative team avoided scrutiny).

First came Peter Strzok, an open and unrepentant Trump hater who also helped Hillary Clinton avoid conviction for having classified information on a personal and private serve by suggesting that the standard for such a conviction must include intent.  This move saved her from a conviction, even though statutes concerning the handling of confidential information require no intent for a conviction, only that the defendant act recklessly (like by, say, having people send her emails with classified information that was stored on her private server and later leaked to WikiLeaks). Strzok was fired from the FBI shortly before being hired by Mueller after it was revealed that he was exchanging anti-Trump texts with an FBI lawyer with whom he was having an extramarital affair.

Then came Andrew Weissman, an old member of the Enron Task Force who eschewed justice for cheap convictions and assailed the rights of citizens in many cases seeking them.  He also happened to be a fan of Sally Yates refusing to fulfill the obligations of her office as she was leaving, concerning upholding the travel ban.

It’s not shocking, then, that Jeannie Rhee would end up on the investigative team. Even though she had been accused of taking part in Ben Rhode’s attempt to assassinate the political career of Michael Flynn, she still ended up working with Mueller. In a report by the Washington Free Beacon, it was alleged that Ben Rhodes and other members of the Obama administration came together and even told reporters that they were creating a group to obstruct Trump’s foreign policy.

Rhee also donated about $9,000 to Hillary and other Democrats during the last election cycle, so obviously she is an unbiased investigator who can be trusted.  It seems that Mueller, in his rush to begin his witch hunt, hired an investigative team that was stacked with people who were not just partisans, but obviously and openly partisans who would run a biased investigation into anyone with any relation to Trump or his administration.  Half of these investigators have actively participated or encouraged such attempts!

If Bob Mueller can’t find at least a somewhat balanced or non-partisan group to investigate the accusations against Trump, then can he be trusted to continue investigating? Or is the Trump investigation destined to become what most conservative commentators said it would be, simply a cheap and tawdry attempt to lambast Trump and impugn his honesty via association?

It seems more and more with each passing day that the investigation is simply intending to undermine Trump’s credibility.  Michael Flynn has pleaded guilty to the horrific crime of lying to the FBI, a crime that Hillary Clinton committed repeatedly before the election season, and yet only Flynn is facing prosecution for it.  Meanwhile, members of Mueller’s’ investigation team helped Hillary Clinton to escape a trial for her reckless mishandling of classified information.

The idea that Hillary didn’t know what she was doing with that classified information is one that beggars belief. She is a Yale Law School graduate, and she received quarterly briefings on policy concerning the handling of classified information. She most definitely met the standards for such a prosecution, which eschews intent in favor of a reckless conduct standard. And yet, here we are, where Hillary is free to continuously whine about the election while Flynn pleads guilty to a charge of lying to the FBI.

Rhee’s connection to the highly outrageous unmasking performed by Obama makes her culpable in that scandal. She should face some sort of disciplinary measure for her outrageous activities, but likely nothing will happen.

It’s looking less and less like the investigation will reveal anything except for Mueller’s political bias and inability to run an investigation. At this point, any other conclusion is one that must be approached with skepticism and derision.