Tuesday, December 12, 2017 the House of Representative will hold a vote on the Taylor Force Act. The bill has achieved bipartisan support and will likely clear the house with ease. It is backed by the Trump administration, and received approval in August by the Foreign Relations Committee.

The Taylor Force Act is aimed at cutting off American aid to Palestine, in an effort to pressure the country into ceasing abhorrent “pay for slay” practices. Currently, the Palestinian government uses half of the foreign aid it receives, to fiscally incentivize terrorism against Israelis.

The Palestinian government pays each convicted terrorist in Israel’s prisons monthly, some receiving thousands each month. Terrorists also receive a $25,000 bonus from the Palestinian government for their crimes. Terrorists are even given preferential treatment when applying for civil service jobs that come with exorbitant wages.

The families of Palestinian terrorists receive lifelong payments and a slew of other free lifetime benefits from the Palestinian government as well, including healthcare, and college tuition. The benefits and payouts scale according to the amount of damage inflicted on Israel and its inhabitants. The Palestinian government uses terrorists as pawns, in its age-old conflict with Israel over territory.

Israel is a relatively new country, even when compared to the United States. In 1947 the United Nations voted in favor of a resolution that appropriated land from Palestine, to form a new Jewish nation. Israel declared independence in May of 1948.

Palestine has acted aggressively toward Israel since hours after they declared their independence. Palestine, and the four other countries that joined them in an attack on Israel, in 1948, were soundly defeated. Subsequent attempts at war with Israel from neighboring Arab nations would all be failures as well.

Palestine suffered major casualties and territorial losses during the Six Day War in 1967. East Jerusalem was absorbed by Israel after these nations tried to push them “into the sea.” Most people think that such minuscule areas surrounded by massive amounts of Arab controlled countries is justified by right of defense. Palestine considers Israel to be illegally occupying the territory.

A lack of ability to engage in conventional warfare led them to employ the distasteful practice of terrorist attacks against women and children, and then paying welfare to terrorists and their families.

The bill is named after a United States Army veteran who was stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist while deployed in Tel Aviv, where the United States Embassy is located. The March 2016 attack left 10 others dead at the hands a Palestinian terrorist.

The Trump administration knows that Israel is one of our country’s greatest allies in a region controlled by Muslims. Trump recently announced he would move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This has sparked outrage from the Palestinian government.

Trump anticipated the announcement would draw aggression from Palestinian sympathizers, and issued a warning to United States Embassies beforehand so they could adequately prepare. The move to halt United States Foreign aid to Palestine if they continue funding terrorists may mitigate some of the threats however.

If Palestine complies with the United States and ceases to fund terrorists, it will continue to receive U.S. financial support.Palestine has always said it would seek a one state solution. The one state solution eliminates Israel.

The Taylor Force Act is widely popular, and Americans don’t want to fund terrorism with their taxes.