A disturbing and upsetting video has been released by the authorities of the Mesa Police Department in Arizona.  When NFL players and social activists are out in the streets protesting against police violence and killer cops getting let off the hook, not a word is heard for the young man gunned down by hostile and threatening police.  When stripped of his rights and made to crawl like an animal at the orders of the police, a misstep resulted in the death of 26-year-old Daniel Shaver at the hands of a police officer who is walking away scott free.

Police were supposedly responding to a report that someone was waving a gun outside of a window of their hotel room.  Police worked their way up the steps with apparently confirmation that the perpetrators were in room 502, although none of the evidence was seen in the video.  When they approached the room, these men who were dressed for a riot, barked orders out to what appeared to be unsuspecting hotel guests.

They demanded the that one of the two suspects exit the room but neither exited the room for what seems like several minutes.  Police officers do not like their commands not being met and so their anger and hostility only grew.  After just a few moments, as the two might not have been expecting a visit from the police and had to put clothes on, a woman exited the room followed quickly by a male.

That is when all hell broke loose as the police officers, who were already agitated that the two did not take heed of their orders immediately, desperately wanted the two hotel guests know that they were in charge.  With almost no evidence or obvious implications, the police began to treat these two as hostile targets barking orders and demanding the suspects degrade themselves.  The girl was the first to be handcuffed because she was closer but the male was in for so much more.

The officer giving the commands was upset that this young man was late to exit the room, as an American citizen myself I was not aware that I had to exit my premises to do whatever police commanded immediately.  He then began to treat the suspect like an animal.  He gave confusing and degrading instructions to a suspect who in the video evidence appeared to be cooperating while the police officers had every chance to hand cuff the suspect.

Shaver was ordered by officer Philip Brailsford, who is no longer employed by the Mesa PD but was found non guilty, to lift himself up but not to use his hands as balance but Brailsford only grew angrier.  After warning the suspect that even a minor error would result in his death, the suspect began to cry as he feared for his life.

The officer made Shaver crawl towards him on his hands and knees and in an instant Shaver was dead.  He made a tiny mistake in the blink of an eye by losing his balance and the trigger-happy officer opened fire.  Shaver died crying and fearing for his life as the police showed up to ruin his night and end his life.

What makes the video even harder to watch is the clear incompetency of the officers on the scene.  Not only did they have an ample chance to use non-lethal force and also to restrain the suspect but when they tried to clear the room they were worried about, several officers failed in recognizing the door they were seeking.  If they had kicked in or opened the wrong door then more people could have ended up dead thanks to their trigger-happy attitudes.

In my opinion, the officers acted extremely hostile towards the entire hotel and yet no evidence has been made public that would suggest the two occupants of room 502 deserved this treatment.  The report of the gun apparently made it completely okay to strip these two citizens of all of their rights and ultimately on of their lives.

Although Brailsford is no longer employed by the police department, his attitude is something that needs readjustment as police are not given the right to treat anyone however they please just because they have a badge and a gun.

WARNING: The Video Below Display Graphic Images, Including Harassment and Death.