Carlos Garcia

Former Fox News anchor Juliet Huddy took to social media to excoriate the media for exaggerating what she said was a light-hearted story about Donald Trump trying to kiss her before he became president.

Here’s what she said:

“To be clear,” she explained, “I’ve lightheartedly told this story 100 times [over the last] 12 years. Was asked by a friend about it again Thursday on-air.”

“Reckless, incompetent media & trolls (shocker!) sensationalized what was nothing more than an amusing, old anecdote from past,” she added. “Nothing more, nothing less.”

In a previous tweet she explained, “This is a great example of why people are off and running with the ‘fake news’ accusations. I never said he was married, and I also said I wasn’t quite sure of the date but he wasn’t married.”

How did the media change her story?

Huddy told a story from over a decade ago that Trump took her to dinner and tried to kiss her afterward. She did not claim it was sexual harassment, and was not sure what the exact date of the incident. Later, Trump made a joke about the incident on the set of Fox News.

Some media outlets, like USA Weekly, claimed that Trump was married at the time of their encounter, but the time frame is unclear, and Huddy never made that assertion.

And although Huddy called the encounter “weird” and says that she regrets not being forceful enough with Trump, it’s clear that she doesn’t think it was sexual harassment.

Huddy also reposted this message from Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky, who has appeared on Fox News often: