Generation crushed by student loans with poor job prospects faces hard economic realities…

Broke Millennials Selling Blood Just to Survive

(Zero Hedge) There is no doubt, in a period where burdensome student loans and wage stagnation are crushing the hopes of achieving the American dream while living in their parents’ basements, the millennial generation is struggling to survive.

In recent times, we have explained how this generation is selling sex on the internet in exchange for money to pay bills.

Across the United States, there could be upwards 2.5 million college students selling sex on a website to cover expenses (see: Millions Of Millennials Could Be Trading Sex For Their Next Debt Payment – Here’s How) or there is a new trend with millennial women, auctioning their virginities to the highest bidder (see: Abu Dhabi Businessman Pays $2.9 Million For 19-Year-Old Model’s Virginity.)

If it’s sex, the millennial generation has made it a commodity, using the power of the internet to leverage the sale.


Besides the out of control sex advertisement on creepy websites, struggling millennials are now supplementing their incomes at blood plasma facilities across the United States.

In particular, Cheyenne Johnson, a former Lane Community College student, said: “You just walk in and walk out with money.” Cha-ching. ..

Twice a week, she visits Grifols Talecris plasma donation center in Eugene, Oregon, exchanging plasma for cash in excess of $25 to $150 per week.

Cheyenne, 23, visits the facility on a regular basis because the job environment in the area is weak…

Broke millennial creates instructional YouTube video for other broke millennials to discover the new riches of “donating plasma for extra money…”