During his time as mayor, Humphreys had at least one high-profile battle with the LGBTQ community.

“We are not talking about free speech here. We are talking about paid advertising,” Humphreys said in 2001 regarding a proposed city ordinance preventing banners being hung from city utility poles and bus benches by the gay rights advocacy group The Cimarron Alliance, reported WTVA.

In 2002, the Cimarron Alliance, which would later become part of Freedom Oklahoma, won a lawsuit against the city with banners reading: “For a Fair and Just Oklahoma,” hung along the city’s main boulevard’s shortly after the victory.

“We cannot have leaders who have small-minded, inconsiderate ideas,” Student Government President J.D. Baker said in the statement. “Instead, we must have thoughtful, deliberate and respectful leaders who understand the value that each person brings to our institution. Right now, is the time we must ask, will the university be able to ‘Live On’ with a leader who possesses such insolent ideas?”