Sources: AOL News –  The Bell –  The Business Insider


A person who authorities believe to be part of the Russian computer hacking group called Lurk had his chance to speak his peace and many wondered if he was about to expose President Donald Trump as the curator of the attack. He did not. Others thought for sure that the hacker, Konstantin Kozlovsky, was going to finger Hillary Clinton or the DNC for the hack in some way, but even that did not happen.

AOL News reports that the “nine-member hacking group” that has been found guilty of “stealing over $17 million from Russia’s largest financial institutions since 2013″ has been working with the FSB for a very long time.  The Bell reports that one of the tasks given was to hack the DNC and that the command came from none other than Russian Intelligence Agents.

While highly immoral, this admission is not exactly highly surprising. Putin is an x-KGB agent and no one puts anything past him or his upper leadership personnel. Still, when the opportunity to speak was given, there was no hint of any corruption being spurred on by Donald Trump or any other Ameican.

Kozlovsky said that he “performed various tasks under the supervision of FSB officers.” This included a DNC hack, various cyber attacks, and “very serious military enterprises of the United States and other organizations.” All of this shows that Russia was interested in tampering with U.S. elections, as long suspected, but points no fingers whatsoever at anyone in the U.S., most importantly at Donald Trump.

As the Business Insider reveals, “minutes from the hearing, as well as an audio recording, were posted on Kozlovsky’s Facebook page.” The authenticity has been proven by two sources, so there is no question remaining in that regard.

Worst of all, this hacking has been going on for over a decade. While this is terrible news that sheds lights on the holes that exist within U.S. cybersecurity, it does also show that this was in effect long, long before Trump ever ran for office. This vitally important nuance will go quite a long way when it comes to proving his innocence in the matter.

Kozlovsky confessed that his “FSB handler as Dmitry Dokuchaev, a cybersecurity expert” who was known by the name “Forb.”  This hacker was linked to “Shaltai Boltai” (“Humpty Dumpty“) and were the ones who “published emails from Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and other Kremlin officials.

Ruslan Stoyanov was also named by Kozlovsky. He is a “cybercrime investigator at the Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky” and the person taken into custody last December.

All of this is terrible news for Mr. Putin who has claimed that his government had no part in the hack and never endorsed it. That story seems to be rapidly coming apart at the seams.

So as we learn that Putin is as untrustworthy as we have always suspected, we find no connection to Mr. Trump. Much to the sorrow of the G.O.P. and those that seek justice, there is no connection to Clinton from this particular man, either. We know that the former First Lady certainly exploited the debacle, however.

To learn more, we are going to have to rely on investigations which are happening here in the states. As it all plays out, don’t be surprised if this isn’t the last time that no connection whatsoever is found linking any of this to Donald Trump.