The days of the FBI being at the utmost peak of law enforcement ability is long gone.  The clear bias of the administration to target their political enemies, in order to hide their crimes has become clear as of late as the text messages exchanged between a top agent and his mistress has revealed.  Now the entire FBI’s future is at stake as the agency is revealed to be nothing more than a KGB style investigation arm for the deep state and their political allies.

Many are calling for the completely biases and corrupt FBI to be disbanded because the agency actively involved itself in the 2016 election.  It has been suggested that the top officials in the FBI and others within Hillary Clinton’s inner circle were able to communicate effectively to close her investigation.

These men were sworn to an oath to protect the constitution at all costs from both foreign and domestic allies and yet they easily betrayed that oath.  What could truly make agents of this caliber and in these positions, turn on their country and hold such disdain for their countrymen? They truly thought of themselves as kingmakers deemed credible enough to not only threaten to investigate Donald Trump, but also pass along false information in order to spy on him.

Gone are the days when one could hope that the “Feds” would one day roll in on the bad guy for a huge surprise arrest, thus ensuring that no one is above the law. It now appears that those in charge of crucial parts of the FBI were in fact working in favor of the bad guys accused of doing absolutely heinous crimes. What is left to do when Americans can no longer believe the reasoning or the procedures of the FBI when it comes to holding criminals accountable?

The real problem that this represents is that the American people can no longer truly believe that the interests of the nation are more valuable than the political opinions.

Sometimes this means rethinking political ideas entirely in order to readjust to a new time but if the thought police are coming to get you because those in power do not want new ideas then that entirely defeats the purpose of America.

What if the federalists in early American history had simply banned any speech in favor of state’s rights?  Then they would not have been able to compromise eventually as those who favored states rights would not have been able to effectively debate those who favored federalist policies.  The fact that these two groups were forced to let the other side talk and express their opinions was the reason why America was different than everywhere else in the world.

If the FBI takes away American’s ability to freely think and solve problems then the very idea of the United States is at risk from these corrupt and secret police.  Why was World War II fought, if the same fascist police state tactics are being used by our government to effectively pick and choose those who can run for office?

It was not the fact that these agents tried to sabotage the Trump campaign by slandering his name with false Russian accusations, but they actually tried to allow a clearly corrupt would be tyrant into the most powerful office in the world.  That is why these actions are inexcusable.

What can be done? Many have suggested a new department be formed to root out the corruption in the intelligence agencies while keeping the good agents and removing the bad. However, a key component is definitely getting rid of the FBI’s top officials permanently and having them face the justice they deserve by trying to rig a presidential election.