As Special Counsel Robert Mueller rattles every bush in sight trying to find anyone who may be able to produce some shred of evidence linking Russia to Trump (there has been none), his latest target has been found. The Wall Street Journal has just published an article showing that Mueller has asked a data firm “in the fall to turn over the emails of any Cambridge Analytica employees who worked on the Trump campaign.”

The “campaign data operations” are said to be what Mueller is not interested in. In yet another hint at Trump’s honesty, the firm complied with the request without question. These emails have already been given the House Intelligence Committee, so the information that they hold isn’t in question.

By contrast, let us remember how much obfuscation still exists regarding hard drives that have been requested for various investigations into the DNC and other wiley Democrats.

Cambridge Analytica Chief Executive Alexander Nix was even interviewed “via video conference,” according to reports. Mr. Nix had contacted Jullian Assange of Wikileaks and it was that Swedish site which published so many of Clinton’s emails.

It is known that “Cambridge Analytica provided data, polling and research services to the campaign” and that Mr. Nix met Steve Bannon in “mid-May” last year.

Thanks the corruption and lies spewed out by the DNC crafted dossier that fabricated facts (and used an x-British spy to do it) many people already think that Donald Trump had connections to Russia.

However, there has not been one shred of evidence to point to such a scenario.

As a matter of fact, everything uncovered that is even somewhat off keel has nothing all to do with Russia. Even Mansfort is not being looked into for much more than being a shady businessman, not helping with any Putin/Trump nonsense.

Likewise, General Michael Flynn may well have abused his post for self-gain. If he did, then he too deserves to be exposed. However, his possible corruption has nothing to do with Trump. The U.S. leader fired him the moment that these misdeeds came to his attention.

If everyone would be honest about what they are seeing, it would be admitted that this is about Democrats not accepting that they lost the election. This is about the deep state, the real puppet masters, being upset that the people rose up and elected a man to high office who puts the voters first.

That is why this witch hunt never ends and why, when it does, it could be at the feet of a leftist agenda, not within the scales of justice.

Source: The Conservative Daily PostThe Wall Street Journal