(CNSNews.com) – Liberal activists are quivering with outrage over suggestions and rumors that President Trump might try to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but they shouldn’t worry about it, says former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz.

Trump told reporters on Sunday evening that he does not plan to fire Mueller, and that makes sense to Dershowitz, who explained the Trump strategy as “playing the refs.”

Well, I learned about this from Red Auerbach, the great coach of the Boston Celtics who told me one day when we were sitting at a Celtics game that whenever he used to scream at an official and yell at the official, he’d always get the next call in his favor. Then I heard the same thing from a baseball player who said when he protested a ball or a strike he would get the next call.

I think that’s the tactic that’s being used here. You continuously attack Mueller. You bring up every possible issue, whether it be conflict of interest, hiring the wrong people, failing to get a warrant for the emails, using the dossier to get the national security warrant — and Mueller, who’s so concerned about his integrity and his reputation, may very well be inclined to lean over backwards to show his fairness and to make a close call in favor of Trump rather than against Trump.

So I suspect that’s probably what’s happening. They are playing the refs, as it’s called in sports.

Dershowitz said he thinks Mueller is a “decent and honorable man” who made a “terrible mistake” in choosing some of the members of his investigative team. For example, FBI Agent Peter Strzok was removed from the Mueller team following the discovery of anti-Trump, pro-Hillary text messages he exchanged with a fellow FBI agent.

“When you are going against the president who’s a Republican, you take much more care in who you put on the investigative team. You make sure that it’s Caesar’s wife. Everybody has to be above reproach. He didn’t pass the Ceasar’s wife test.

Now he’s being careless in obtaining evidence without warrants or subpoenas. Those play right into the hands of the Trump team and there’s just no good reason why a good lawyer should do that. I would never allow somebody working for me to do anything like that.

Dershowitz was referring to the General Services Administration giving Mueller thousands of emails from the Trump transition team without the consent of the people who wrote them.

As Fox News reported, a lawyer for the Trump transition team said Mueller improperly obtained those documents, which include privileged attorney-client communications. The lawyer also said the GSA staff unlawfully handed over the Trump transition documents.