Since Barack Obama became president, the American left finally vindicated its decades of darkness and irrelevance. Lamentably, they hijacked the Democratic Party to the point where its most radical figures of twenty years ago now seem like moderate capitalists compared to what everyone sees now. The latest example of this terrible situation was displayed by the Colorado Democratic Party, which announced yesterday that they have changed the name from the “Jefferson Jackson” dinner to the “Obama Dinner.”

Naturally, we’re talking not only about the disgusting deification of one of the worst presidents in the United States, but also the most distasteful display of cult of personality. While the Colorado Democratic Party was contemplating changing the name of its annual dinner for two years, this move came as a big surprise for almost everyone.

In a news release, its Executive Director Pilar Chapa stated that they were proud to honor the “historic contributions” from the Obamas by naming their dinner “the Obama dinner.” The news release points out that Colorado had the “privilege” back in 2008 of hosting the Democratic National Convention where Obama won the nomination and subsequent presidential election.

In addition, it says that both Michelle and Barack Obama eventually played an important role in advancing America forward since that moment. Chapa wrote that the Democrats pulled America out of the “worst economic crisis” since the Great Depression under Obama’s leadership. Also, she assured they started what she described as the longest period of private sector job growth in the history of the United States.

Chapa assured that many elements cemented Obama’s legacy as a “transformational leader” of America. She assured these elements were what he described as a record of economic success combined with landmark health care legislation, a significant work on climate change and millions of jobs saved through the auto rescue.

On the other hand, Chapa wrote that as an inspirational role model, Michelle’s focus on exercise and health programs helped reverse childhood obesity trends in the country. Also, she said that her focus on helping military families stands as the greatest inspirations to every single American.

Of course, while Chapa was quite enthusiastic in these points, she didn’t provide any kind of evidence to prove these alleged successes from the Obama family. Naturally, she was just repeating the unsurprising propaganda that most of the Democrats love to spread about what happened during the last administration.

This way, it wasn’t exactly an unexpected move that Chapa also assured that the Obama legacy embodied the values of the Democratic party. Soon after that remark, the executive director pointed out that the Colorado Democratic Party was “beyond proud” to rename its annual dinner .after their former first family.

Back in November 2015, the chairman of this faction of the Democratic Party, Rick Palacio, emailed Democratic activists to ask if they wanted to change the dinner´s name. In case they did, then he asked them to solicit suggestions.

Believe it or not, Palacio wrote that Jackson and Jefferson only lived and served during a period of time where slavery was the common denominator. In addition, he pointed out that the legacy of these men´s fortunes was essentially built and sustained by enslaved black men.

In his email, the chairman wrote there were some things that could be considered as irresponsible revisions of American history and the history of their own Democratic Party. He assured this were the failure to acknowledge their participation in slavery and Jackson’s part in removing the Native Americans from their lands back in the days.

After that remark, Palacio wrote that with that particular acknowledgment, it came the question of whether they should rename their Jefferson Jackson dinner or not. Naturally, he was implicitly executing a lot of pressure to change the name. After all, of every single detail that the Obama era was characterized by, identity politics and the reevaluation of the American history were some the most significant.

Unsurprisingly, in order to decrease the level of controversy this would create, Palacio was actually quite soft with this action. He asserted that this was not a move to change the name. In fact, he pointed out this was simply a conversation he wanted to have with members of the Democratic Party around the state of Colorado.

Palacio assured that what he only wanted to do is to solicit ideas and feedback about whether these members wanted the name to be changed.