A new video showed up on YouTube of a young African man brutally attacking an elderly woman on the streets in Nurnberg, Germany.  In broad daylight, the assailant, seemingly for no reason, knocks down and continues to kick the helpless lady.  According to reports, the suspect was admitted for psychiatric examinations.

The video relates a man wearing only a pair of undergarments walking calmly down the street.  Suddenly the African man reaches out and strikes an elderly woman who happens to venture close to the crazed person.  After punching her in the face, she falls stricken to the ground.

It appears like the immigrant is going to walk away, but turns around another second later only to return a swift kick to her head.  The refugee continues to kick the limp body on the ground.

The video shows there was no interaction before the confrontation.  The attack comes, as far as the video shows, completely unprovoked and without warning.  For no other reason than wandering too close to an immigrant, the victim was admitted to the hospital.

According to the police statement, the women had received several bone fractures and life-threatening injuries.  Receiving multiple blows to the head after being knocked down, the victim’s life is still in danger as she receives emergency medical care.

Local residents, not captured on video, came running to the aid of the senior citizen.  A number of residents were able to over power and restrain the refugee until authorities were able to arrive and detain the man.

According to eye witness reports, the man would have continued beating the woman had it not been for the direct intervention of the caring community.  After the police arrived, the man surrendered himself with zero resistance.

Authorities have identified the attacker as a 23-year-old African man.  The attempted murder investigations reveal the attacker and victim did not know each other and had no past relationship.

This comes as the most recent attack on the German people.  Over the past couple years German citizens have spent their Christmas’ behind Merkel’s Safety Barriers to help fend off radicalized immigrants driving trucks into holiday crowds.

Towards the end of October, the city of Munich was devastated after a knife wielding mad man stabbed half a dozen people including a 12-year-old child.  Although authorities have ruled terrorism out as a motive of this attack, mental illness is given as the leading cause.

The small province of Bavaria seems to have an unsightly number of mentally ill people taking their angst out on the public.  In the summer of 2016 a teenage male shot down 9 people in a packed shopping mall before taking his own life.

Authorities in this case have called the Munich attack either far right extremism or radical terrorism.  The two do not seem mutually exclusive, and if they are German intelligence should be able to identify the difference.

One year ago today, Berlin saw a terrible attack on a Christmas marketplace.  The attack left 12 people dead and over 70 injured.  Speaking at an anniversary vigil, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier informs the victim’s families they have been failed by the government.

The German government was unable to prevent or stop the attack that took so many lives.  The German secret police had been watching Amri, the terrorist, much closer than previously thought.  The suspect who had applied for visa under several different identities should have been deported in 2015.

The asylum seeker from Tunisia, just one year ago, rammed his truck into a crowded festive marketplace, Breitscheidplatz.  Amri was shot and killed four days later in Italy.  Following the attack little was done to console the bereaved families.

It took up to three days to inform the families their loved ones were lost.  The government also sent out autopsy bills which included late payments to the families.  When the government sent out invitation letters to attend the memorial unveiling, the letters were complete with information stating taxi rides will not be reimbursed and public transportation should be used.

To mark the anniversary a memorial has been revealed.  The 460-foot golden crack in the ground lies below a series of steps engraved with the names of the victims.  The monument is adorned with white roses, and is at the center of the plaza.  The market place is set to remain closed all day out of respect for the victims.

Tonight at the exact time of the incident, 7:02 pm GMT, there will be a public prayer and a candle lit vigil while the church bell’s ring out for 12 minutes in memory the attack.