No, You Can’t Praise THIS President

Following the Republican victory in passing sweeping tax cuts for all American taxpayers on Wednesday, the GOP and President Trump held a White House gathering where they touted their win before the press. During the various victory speeches from Republican members of Congress, nearly all of them praised the President for his leadership.

Here’s Vice President Mike Pence: “I would say to the American people President Trump has been making history since the first day of this administration … President Donald Trump delivered a great victory for the American people.”

And  here’s a portion of the remarks made by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.): “It’s been a year of extraordinary accomplishment for the Trump administration.”

Finally, here’s House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.): “Something this profound could not have been done without exquisite presidential leadership.”

The anti-Trump media was disgusted by their glowing words and moved swiftly to condemn it. Many in the liberal media claimed that their praises was akin to the battered people of North Korea being forced to praise their “Dear Leader,” or any other of the world’s despots.

But if throwing “lavish” praise on a president was heinous and akin to glorifying a dictator, then how does the media explain itself? Here are ten instances of the liberal media spewing gushy praise on President Obama before, during, and after his inauguration in 2009.