Manassas City Detective, David E. Abbott, was one of the most disgusting individuals in law enforcement. The detective was conducting an investigation into Trey Sims, 17, who was sending sexually explicit messages to his 15-year-old girlfriend. Abbot would get a warrant by a judge which allowed him to take pictures of the minor’s genitals.

The case took place in Virginia, where for better or worse, it is legal for a someone of the age of 17 to engage in sexual acts with someone who is 15. Which would mean that while Sims acted inappropriately and his behavior should have certainly been addressed by the parents of both parties, it was not a case which the police should have been pursuing.

However, they would be charging the boy with distributing child pornography, even though he and the female were engaged in mutual “sexting.” The police and judge in this case would engage in behavior that would net anyone else many years in prison and a lifetime registration as child sex offender, yet no one on the force spoke up.

After obtaining the warrant for images of the minor’s genitals, Detective Abbott took the teen to a detention center. He had the teen drop his pants in a locker room and the detective took pictures of the boy’s manhood with his cellphone. The police officer actually filed for and received a warrant which would allow him to engage in pedophilia. This was clearly a perversion of the officer’s duties and demonstrates how corrupt some courts have become.

The warrant also included a picture of the teens erect penis. While in the detention center locker room, Detective Abbott, with two other officers present, demanded the boy masturbate in front of them and produce an erection for them to photograph. The two officers with Abbot, never spoke up, or determined there was anything wrong with the disgusting acts taking place in front of them at the behest of the detective.

The three officers demanding the boy stroke himself and get an erection became angered when he failed to produce one. Detective Abbott threatened Sims’ lawyer that if he could not get it up for him, he was going to take the boy to the hospital for “an erection producing injection.” The perverted pedophile cops were determined to engage in court sanctioned acts of pedophilia. Another magistrate would issue a second warrant for police to strip the boy and take naked pictures of him once again.

Sim’s is now pursuing litigation against officer Abbott, or rather his estate. Abbott has since passed away so the administrator of his estate, Kenneth Labowitz is dealing with the courts on his behalf. The case would make it all the way to the federal court of appeals where the judges would decide in favor of Sims in a 2-1 decision last week. The United States Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit Judge King, wrote an opinion in favor of the officer’s conduct while Judges Keenan and Diaz obviously had more sense.

Sim’s is seeking damages under the pretense that officer Abbott violated his Fourth Amendment rights. His lawyer contends that the officer must have known what he was doing was illegal and therefore he is not immune from liability. Because of his untimely death, his estate will bear the cost of the suit. Sims deserves every nickel the dead officer left behind.

This is a horrific reflection of how perverse our justice system can be. Police and judges should exercise their authority with care and act accordingly to the spirit of the law. The fact that if Sims was engaging physical sexual acts with his girlfriend he would not be subject to prosecution should have been taken into consideration by both the officers and the judges. Instead their power corrupted and disturbed them, and they should be held accountable.

Police officers and judges have been given immense responsibility to serve their communities and seek justice. Sims has fallen victim to a sinister bunch who were engaged in neither. While suing the officer’s estate for damages will not undo what happened to Sims while under control of the sick detective, it may force authorities to understand their actions have consequences. It is sad the judges will face no repercussions for their part in this sick plot.