Source: The Hill


When did it become acceptable or appropriate for former officials and attorneys to warn a sitting president about what he should or should not do? That is a big question considering it seems to have become the popular thing to do. Former Attorney General Eric Holder has threatened President Trump several times lately.

Now 40 former U.S. attorneys and Republican officials have sent two separate letters to the president today. They are warning President Trump that he should not impede Robert Mueller or his investigators.

One letter was signed by 22 former attorneys. There were representatives from each administration going all the way back to President Nixon. The letter urged President Trump to permit Mueller to finish his investigation without “fear of reprisal;”

“We understand just how critical it is to the interests of justice and public trust to ensure that those charged with conducting complex investigations are allowed to do their jobs free from interference or fear of reprisal. That is why we were gratified by your statement on Sunday that you do not intend to seek the removal of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.”

Since President Trump already said he wouldn’t try and interfere, it stands to reason that the letter is superfluous. Since that has never stopped liberals, the letter continues;

“Seeking his removal would have severe repercussions for Americans’ sense of justice here at home and for our reputation for fairness around the world.”

The second letter was organized by a former Bush administration ethics lawyer named Richard Painter. It is signed by 20 former Republican lawmakers and administration officials which makes it the more insulting letter by far. These are the people that should be supporting the president, not threatening him.

They urge President Trump to “support the work of Special Counsel Mueller to its conclusion, whatever it may be.”

However, they also warn the president against any attempts to remove Attorney General Jeff Sessions or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for the purpose of forcing Muelle.

“Our concerns include not only firing Mueller but other efforts to impair his work. For example, any attempt to remove the Deputy Attorney General or the Attorney General in order to replace them with individuals who would impede the Special Counsel’s activity must be rejected.”

The entire administration has denied the president has any intentions of trying to fire Mueller. Still, President Trump’s opponents continue to press the issue.