Sources: The Conservative Daily PostABC7 News


Those who follow the news with any regularity know that there are some very unsettling things happening in our elementary schools as of late, as the Conservative Daily Post has shown. There are reports of teachers engaging in sex with kids who are not even in Jr. High yet, and many of the offenders are female.

ABC7 News reminds us that there are many more sins taking place in such learning centers as “Chicago police have arrested 50 people, including a Chicago Public Schools teacher.” Warrants are being issued for 18 others as “secret Facebook groups selling illegal drugs and guns” have been uncovered in a massive sting.

The Facebook groups were private, so they required that a person become a member in order to see what was posted. A “confidential informant” sang to police and it led to the huge discovery of this troublesome operation.

Daniel Caponigri is said to be “a first-year physical elementary teacher at Chicago’s George Leland elementary” and he was arrested at the “CPS school” where he taught.

Facebook has a responsibility to the people they serve to ensure these type of things don’t happen, quite frankly they have not been very friendly to law enforcement to prevent these things,” accused Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

While this may be true and Facebook is certainly led by a person of questionable merit, maybe if Uncle Sam would honor the 4th Amendment as outlined in the Constitution, people would not engage in such actions on social media platforms. Facebook is said not to have helped inveatigators over the course of 10 months, but in their defense, who would trust to use their platform if they had?

Missing the value of the 4th Amendment and talking only about the guns, Chicago Police Organized Crime Chief Anthony Riccio said, “Many with serial numbers scratched out some with magazines capable for holding more than 30 rounds of ammo, most fully loaded ready to use at the time of purchase.”

We are told that authorities “arranged the purchase of 18 illegal firearms and $45,000 dollars’ worth of drugs” from those hiding on the platform. Cops also claim that man such illegal activities happen within such closed groups.

The things being trafficked on the site are killing people in Chicago, I think they have an obligation to take steps to insure it doesn’t happen,” said Riccio. However, we all know that when anything is done “for the children,” what is really being said it that it is time to “hose the adults” and violate their rights. Law enforcement has no business snooping in private groups just because terrible people live in the world. Such has always been the case and it won’t likely ever change.

We don’t need to be spied upon, just the same.

These innovative raids are the latest example of the smart, strategic steps the men and women of the Chicago Police Department are taking to combat gun violence. Whether criminals are operating online or on the street, we will always ensure CPD has the tools, technology, training and talent to track them down,” said failing Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He is merely trying to blame Facebook for the fact that his policies of gun restriction have led to more violence, not less.

The leftist mayor also said, “I commend the leadership and rank and file of CPD for their proactive, professional policing that has taken more than 8,600 illegal guns off our streets this year and helped drive a reduction in crime in communities throughout the city.”

None of his words change the fact that warrants must be obtained before rights can be infringed upon. If for any reason we lose sight of that in order to be safer we will lose the whole reason that the Bill of Rights exists to start with.