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Are your Christmas presents ‘spying’ on you?

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Sales of gadgets are way up this year: from drones, to the latest phones, smart watches, and the digital assistants like the Amazon Echo. And, for every high tech gift under your tree, hackers are finding ways to use them to spy on you, and steal your personal information. Our affiliate WBMA reports.

This is the part of the tech world consumers don’t often want to think about. But, it’s extremely important to understand what’s happening in this virtual world. Large corporations record personal conversations, cameras are hacked, and devices even capture how often you flush the toilet.

Now, the FBI is issuing a warning. Feds say toys that connect to the Internet could be inviting hackers into your home.

“There’s a lot of scary stuff that a hacker can get into,” says Crystal Hubbard, an employee at The Spy Pro Shop in Hoover, Alabama.

She knows from personal experience.

“We have a camera in our house. And it actually turned and looked at us in our living room.”

Even imagining it can creep anyone out.

Whether for work, fun, or to help simplify your busy life, there are many gadgets marketed to suit your needs. Nearly all come with a camera, speaker or mic, and Internet connection — opening a virtual window for crooks to sneak into your home.

“We had one customer who heard her child screaming at 3 o’clock in the morning. And a guy was screaming in her camera saying, ‘Wake up baby! Wake up!'”

“IP cams can be seen anywhere in the world so long as you have an internet connection,” Colby Quinn explains. He’s been working at the Spy Pro Shop for two years now.

Fortunately, with a few extra steps you can keep your home secure and keep your family safe from the dangers lurking in the online world:

  • Set strong passwords. Usually a combination of capital and lowercase letters and numbers. And, change them often. Have a private password for your WiFi.
  • Wireless gadgets often come with preset security codes, which makes it pretty simple for hackers to get into. For an added layer of protection, update gadget pass codes as soon as possible.
  • Tape up your laptop’s camera or use web-covers.
  • Keep your software updated.
  • Turn off tracking features. Usually, you can simply go to your settings menu and make your selections.
  • Turn off voice-recognition features.
  • If you have an Amazon Echo or Google Home, delete your recordings.
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