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Times must be pretty tough for CNN and MSNBC!

Night after night, they’re getting destroyed in the ratings by Fox News. So they’re declaring war.

You’d think maybe… just maybe… they’d get the message that viewers are sick and tired of the constant liberal attacks on President Donald Trump and just about everything he does.

If he cured cancer tomorrow, CNN would claim he got it from Russia, that it cured the wrong kind of cancer, and that it was really Obama’s cure anyway… and within minutes, MSNBC would join right in.

You can almost picture Rachel Maddow spinning a tale of a vast conspiracy behind a cure for cancer!

Now, instead of actually trying to win viewers over with truthful reporting and restoring some trust in the media, they’re taking a completely different approach.

They’re attacking and trying to delegitimize Fox News.

“Look, I don’t say this lightly, but these FOTs, these friends of Trumps, they are – they’re talking like propagandists,” CNN host Brian Stelter said on his “Reliable Sources” show recently, according to a transcript on American Thinker. “This sounds like propaganda and it sounds dangerous.”

Never mind that CNN spent 8 years pumping out Obama propaganda. Never mind that they spent nearly all of 2015 and 2016 promoting Hillary Clinton.

Fox News is now being accused of “dangerous propaganda” for simply reporting accurately on the president.

After all, it’s CNN… and NOT Fox News… that has been forced to issue multiple major corrections over its coverage of the Trump administration.

Stelter is hardly alone in his attacks on the rival network. One CNN talking-head politician claimed there’s “no question” that Fox News is coordinating with the White House.

“Whether there is a hotline between the Oval Office and Fox News — I doubt that’s true,” Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) said on the network. “But when the president is talking about the investigation and makes it very clear he wants them over and uses the words ‘do something,’ you know, people who will sell their souls, who will trade their integrity… will do precisely that.”

MSNBC has lined up its own talking heads to join the chorus.

Intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance, a former United States Navy senior chief petty officer, told the network Fox News is engaged in what he called “almost psychological warfare.”

Ari Melber, host of “The Beat,” claimed Fox is trying to “make you lose faith that we can get through this as a Republic.”

It’s not clear what “this” is.

Everything that’s happened so far has been a direct result of our democracy in action. Trump – and the Republican-led Congress – were all voted into office by the American people, and are delivering on the campaign promises that won them those elections.

All the CNN/MSNBC talk about forcing Trump from office before his term is complete – or before Americans have a chance to vote again – is the real threat to democracy, and something the free press should question.

The real issue is if CNN and MSNBC have the guts to do it.