CNN’s escapades in the bushes marked them for widespread ridicule on social media…

(News Busters) After not caring about President Obama’s golf habit for eight years, CNN suddenly finds it imperative for a functioning democracy for them to document every stroke of President Trump’s outings at his courses.

During CNN Newsroom on Wednesday, fill-in host Don Lemon and reporter Dan Merica were losing their minds over someone parking a box truck to block a gap in some hedges CNN was using to peep on the President.

The network’s mouth foaming outrage began on Tuesday when political reporter Manu Raju gloated on Twitter that part of Trump’s round of golf was “captured by CNN cameras.

Raju’s description of his colleagues “capturing” video of Trump sounded more like they were trying to film a nature documentary or hunting Bigfoot rather than doing serious reporting.

CNN’s escapades in the bushes marked them for widespread ridicule on social media.

Come Wednesday, someone who CNN couldn’t identify parked a white box truck in front of the “breach” in the shrubs, and for CNN the world looked bleak.

“So Dan, you’re in West Palm Beach [, Florida], you’re traveling with the President, understand he played another round of golf today. CNN got video of the President playing golf for the last few days. But I understand something different happened today. What was it,” Lemon asked Merica is a hushed and serious tone.

After explaining how CNN’s job was to document the President’s daily activates and complaining about how the White House doesn’t always tell them what he’s doing, Merica whined about the box truck and claimed it was a part of some “larger” issue…

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