The lack of coverage about the crimes of Muslim refugees from the main stream media is completely and utterly unethical and extremely dangerous.  They spend more time talking about Trump’s tweets or his Diet Coke consumption than Americans being attacked by third world migrants on the streets.  Only one news station in Minnesota bothered to cover a story about a woman who was attacked by a Somali refugee and stabbed 14 times while walking home.

Morgan Evenson is an extremely brave and lucky woman to be sure.  She was just finishing up her shift at the Apple store, when she was suddenly the victim of what many could consider a hate crime.  The Somali suspect, and Evenson herself confirmed her attacker was Somalian, pulled his car over and ran over to Evenson with a large knife.  Caught off guard, Evenson did her best to fight off the attacker but he was pulling at her clothes and stabbing her repeatedly.

He didn’t stop until her screams were loud enough for the neighbors to recognize the commotion and rush to her aid.  The suspect evaded capture, and Evenson was in critical condition.  She was rushed to the hospital with 14 stab wounds and a lacerated kidney, but thanks to her tenacity and willpower, she is expected to fully recover.  Had she not fought the man off or even screamed for help, then she would like be much worse off than she is currently.

Police are calling this is a “botched robbery” and do not seem to have any substantial evidence or leads to pursue.  Their lackadaisical effort to actually stop refugees from committing heinous crimes seems almost comical as their lame excuse, at what could have been an attempted kidnapping at the very least, surmounts to nothing more than a fancy word for dead end.  By calling it a botched robbery, they are simply shrugging their shoulders and likely trying to avoid the case altogether.

Thankfully the neighbors were around to help Evenson not only fight off the attacker but also get her the medical attention she needed.  It is a good thing that Evenson was in the United States and not Sweden as her neighbors there would not have been as helpful.  It is such a shame to think that if a woman is being attacked on the streets in public and calling for help, people might just ignore it.

The attacks are becoming more prevalent, despite what the media covers, and more and more people are rightfully afraid when in the vicinity of Muslims refugees. Criminals are getting bolder. Their religion allows for them to do as they please to infidel women and the lackadaisical approach from law enforcement combined with political correct standards makes curbing this behavior difficult.  However, the total lack of coverage from the media is inexcusable.

For some reason, the media feels as though they are justified in taking a side while ignoring the facts around the situation.  There are actual murders and rapes taking place at the hands of Islamic migrants, because their religion calls for it, and yet these stories receive almost zero attention.  It is because the media companies are complicit in the narrative that has to be produced in order to get the American people to think that the migrants being trucked in are not here to change demographics and culture.

The media and their Democrat handlers are responsible for the atrocities that are taking place across the United States and Europe. Asinine refugee policies are directly responsible for these attacks.  There is nothing wrong with genuine human kindness, especially when people are in danger, but to consistently try to appease Muslim “refugees” while sacrificing American lives is vile.

Democrats are dependent on the media machines doing their jobs and covering what they want.  News stories about Muslim gangs terrorizing small towns across the United States and Europe would not be good for their “refugees welcome” narrative.

Thankfully Evenson will recover but it is not likely she will be walking home alone again. And even more thankfully, she has the right to arm herself and kill the man who tries to attack her again.