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A photograph of President Trump’s son-in-law and close advisor, Jared Kushner, is igniting a debate about symbolism, cynicism, and how silly things can happen in the background when posing for pictures.

This image is from Ivanka Trump’s Twitter Page.

We see Jared and his son on a boat.

There’s a confederate flag in the background.

That flag is attached to a party barge, not connected to the first family in any way.

But the snapshot is rubbing some people the wrong way because of the controversy surrounding the Confederate flag.

No official response from the White House communications team. But Twitter is full of opinions about the photo, one coming from a high place.

Walter Shaub the Director of the Office of Government Ethics under President Barack Obama tweeted at Ivanka, “Is this a dog whistle?”

He’s referring to President Trump’s support of the Confederate flag as part of our history.

Here are other Twitter reactions:

The twitter-sphere is one thing, but we wanted to hear from people in the real world.

Denise Brockwell knows about making a big statement with decorations. Not with flags, but with balloons! She bought these for her daughter, but they wouldn’t even fit in the car.

While she was waiting for another car, we showed her the boat picture.

“I have a problem with that flag, so yes I think they should’ve definitely done something about that! Its offensive to me,” Brockwell said.

Denise says Ivanka needs to take the picture down at once.

“I think they should’ve never put that up although I do like Trump,” Brockwell added.

Michael Caruso says he doesn’t like any of the Trumps and he sees the picture with the Confederate flag as an insult to the left.

“I think it should be banned,” Caruso said.

Miriam and Sheldon Einhorn wonder if Ivanka and Jared even realized the flag was there or gave any thought to the background at all, they argue the photo was only about remembering a happy occasion.

“Personally, I wouldn’t be so aware of the background, I’m just trying to focus on what I’m trying to get,” Miriam said.

“They should leave the picture up, we have to avoid overreaction,” Sheldon said.

As we all know, President Trump is on Twitter quite often, but so far, he’s not chiming in.