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World Organization Confirms ‘Highly Pathogenic’ OUTBREAK, 660,000 Involved

Sources: Teddy StickThe Conservative Daily PostAOL News


Russia has been coming up in the news quite often as of late. There is the constant talk of Putin overstepping international flight zones and water boundaries, whispers of Russia helping with North Korea, and even proof that the hacks on the DNC came from everyone but President Donald Trump, as the Conservative Daily Post has shown.

Well, the Russians can add the dread of bird flu to their woes, as AOL News reports today. The “outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N2 bird flu” happened “on a farm in the Kostromskaya Oblast region,” the World Health Organization confirms. On December 17th, the illness was detected and over 660,000(!) birds had to tragically be down as a result.

The type of birds which were affected is not being reported, a fact that leaves many in the dark since the illness can be somewhat evasive at its onslaught.

There are so many scares that we read about that the masses often tend to overlook the most worrisome ones. Certainly, there are ways to protect the world from large-scale outbreaks of the bird flu, but sadly, any of those measures are not even debated until the disease has been found.

Sometimes, by then, the damage is already fully underway.

On an economic level, hardships are also seen as bird flu strikes, which is why some worry that there is a motive to keep suspected outbreaks hushed, too. Reuters reported a while back that the price of food went up quite high in China and elsewhere during past detections of the illness.

The bottom line, as Fukushima has taught us all, is far, far more important to those who control the facts than the lives and health of the population is.

All of these facts tell us that, while panic is not needed nor helpful, it is more than mildly wise to keep an eye on each report of such outbreaks.

Otherwise, we are left to trust only those who are trying to sell us something, and that is never a good idea.

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