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To celebrate the end of the year, The Horn News always takes time over Christmas to look at the year that was (which you can read here) — and on New Years Day takes a look forward to the year that will be. With President Donald Trump’s second year in office on the horizon, this year will be one of the most important in the history of the United States.

First, a glance back at our 2017 predictions (which you can read here).

Overall, we did pretty well for a bold prediction thread. The Horn News accurately hit four of our five predictions.

We warned that former President Barack Obama would not go away quietly, like his predecessors, but instead would be a thorn in the side of conservatives. That proved even more true than we thought. For months, Obama loyalists in the “Deep State” fought Trump’s reforms tooth-and-nail.

The former president has also come forward on numerous occasions to claim credit for Trump’s successes, while simultaneously express his disgust with the current administration.

Then, The Horn News predicted the American economy would roar back to life in 2017 — and after the stock market hit record-highs 70 times last year, we’d call that an accurate prediction.

We said 2017 would bring about the total defeat of ISIS, which we predicted would be wiped off the face of the Earth once the Obama administration was no longer hamstringing the United States military.

Here’s Trump’s take on the situation at the end of the year —

90 percent of it’s territory lost and 97 percent of it’s fighters killed? That’s a pretty resounding defeat for ISIS.

Finally, we accurately predicted that Democrats would encourage further unrest and riots in American cities in response to the Trump presidency. Sadly, we were correct. Riots and bloody protests — and the attempted assassination of a conservative senator — by “alt left” extremists were repeatedly encouraged by liberal leaders throughout 2017.

Our only bold prediction we missed on was our safest, really. We said that Hillary Clinton would be indicted before the end of the year. But, sespite pressure from conservative voters to crack down on the Clinton cartel, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the White House have yet to officially charge Hillary with a crime.

Still, despite what the media will tell you, 2017 was a good year for America. Jobs came back from overseas, crime (except in Democratic-control cities) went down, and overall we took the first steps towards restoring our nation’s greatness.

So what happens next? Here are The Horn News’ five bold predictions for 2018 —

Prediction #1 — The economy does EVEN BETTER than in 2017

The hysterical response from the mainstream media involving Trump’s historic tax cuts of 2017 was beyond compare. They predicted death and despair if Americans were allowed to keep control of their money.

But now that the historic tax cuts have been signed into law — and taxpayers are keeping more of their own money — the U.S. economy is going to respond.

And it will respond in a big way.

If you thought 2017 was a good year for the economy, 2018 will have you praising God that Hillary never won the presidency. Stocks will continue their historic run, jobs will continue to return to America, and more taxpayers will feel the relief of an economy unburdened by Obama’s regulations.

Prediction #2 — At least two more suspicious deaths are linked to the Clinton Foundation

Think the Clinton family is done? Think again.

If they’re not in prison, you can expect at least a few more suspicious deaths and strange “suicides” to be linked to the Clinton Foundation before 2018 is over. Cleaning up is a messy job, after all.

Maybe a former executive will, without explanation, wrap herself in a carpet and throw herself off a bridge? Maybe a would-be whistle blower decides to shoot himself twice in the head in the middle of the desert? Or maybe a little of both.

But you can bet the Clintons are linked to it… and it’ll smell rotten.

Prediction #3 — Construction of “The Wall” will begin

Trump is known for keeping his promises — and building a wall to keep out illegal immigrants is one of the biggest promises he made on the campaign trail.

Now that his historic tax bill is passed, you can bet Trump will turn his eyes on making America safe again.

Liberals will protest violently. They’ll scream “racism!” at the top of their lungs. The mainstream media will freak out.

But construction of the border wall will begin anyway — and it’ll be ‘uge.

Prediction #4 — No major radical Islamic terror attacks will happen in the United States.

This is a bold prediction… because in a nation of 330,000,000 there are bound to be a few whackos.

But with ISIS crumbling and Trump’s travel ban finally free of challenge from liberal judges, it will be harder and harder for radical Islamic terrorists to get their bloodthirsty killers over to American soil. Add a border wall and a fully funded military to the mix, and that’s a potent combination.

While we can’t promise there will be zero attacks, we predict that there will be zero major Islamic terror incidents in the United States in 2018.

Europe, on the other hand? Well… that’s another story.

Prediction #5 — The media will get the 2018 midterm elections totally wrong. Republicans hold the House and Senate.

The mainstream media will predict disaster for the GOP. The talking heads will go on and on about how a “Blue Wave” is coming. They’ll swear that a backlash against Trump will hurt moderate Republicans.

Democrats will do everything in their power to stuff the ballot boxes in urban centers and accuse Americans of being racist for not voting for them. 

It won’t matter. Thanks to a booming economy and safety returning to the streets of America, the GOP will maintain control of the House and Senate after the 2018 midterm election.

And Democrats won’t know what to do next.

We’d call that a “Happy New Years!”

— The Horn editorial team